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Which European head of state wears a crown but is not a monarch?


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The Pope


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The British Monarch wears the Imperial State Crown. The current Imperial State Crown was made for King George VI in 1937. The British Monarch wears it at Coronations and the annual Opening of Parlaiment. The Imperial State crown is still in use and will stay in use for years to come.

The Crown Jewels, what the monarch wears at the State Opening of Parliament are kept in the Tower of London. They are on public display guarded by the Yeoman Warders of the Tower.

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A crown that the god Horas wears to symbolize that he is the king of Upper Egypt.

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he is a good Tudor monarch because he shows power and he also wears a lot of jewellery

The king wears a fancy crown on his head. He has lost the hair on the crown of his head, but he is not completely bald. The principal will crown the homecoming queen at the pep rally.

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Pharaohs wore the royal Deshret (Red Crown), Hedjet (White Crown), Peshent (Red and White Crown), Khepresh (Blue Crown) and Nemes (Head-Cloth Crown). The queens wore Cap-Crown or other fancy headdresses).

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QE II has worn wigs in public for decades. She has several and prefers the gleaming white one she wore when she met Michelle Obama. She also has a special wig she wears when she wears her State Crown. She wears wigs as a convenience and hates to be fussed over when she is getting ready to appear for some event.

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tajwar is a name. it means the one who wears the crown. this name is commonly kept by muslims.

as we can see by proven evidence only the princess can were a tiara and a queen wears a crown

He looks very very attractive,wears a crown of bay leaves on his head, wears a tunic or a toga, He carries a lyre , long beautiful blond curly hair .

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