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Benjamin Franklin. He was the one who originally proposed the turkey.

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Q: Which Founding Father was displeased when the bald eagle was chosen over his proposed original native turkey as a national symbol?
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Which founding father proposed the electoral college?

Alexander Hamilton is the founding father that proposed the electoral college.

The original Bank of the US that Hamilton proposed?

The original Bank of the United States was proposed by the first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. It was named the National Bank on February 25, 1791.

Opposition to Hamilton's proposed national bank?

The opposition to Hamilton's proposed national bank was led by Thomas Jefferson.

Who proposed the Principles of Original Horizontality Superposition and Original Continuity?

nicholas steno

The economic institution proposed in this petition for founding colonial settlements was rejected in favor of which alternative?

Joint stock companies

Who proposed a national bank?

Alexander Hamilton

Who proposed the original periodic table?

Dmitri Mendeleev

Why did Alexandria Hamilton proposed the first National Bank to?

Pay off the national debt

Why was the first national bank proposed by Alexandria Hamilton?

Pay off the national debt

Henry Clay proposed?

Building the National Economy.

Who proposed that a national bank be created?

Alexander Hamilton

Who proposed two houses of national congress?


Which founding father proposed the turkey as the official bird of the United States instead of the bald eagle?

Benjamin Franklin.

What founding father originally proposed what would become the 27th Amendment 200 years later?

The founding fathers did not propose the 27th amendment. They were dead by that time. I found out from my teacher that it was a trick questions.

What was the original name proposed for the state of West Virginia?


What favored a strong national government and supported the proposed us constitution?

The Federalists favored a strong national government and supported the proposed U.S. constitution. They were opposed by the Anti-Federalists such as Patrick Henry.

How are amendments approved at the national level?

The amendments are approved at the national level usually by congress and proposed to the states.

Which leader or leaders wanted a national bank?

It was Alexander Hamilton, as Secretary of Treasury, who proposed a national bank.

Who proposed the original resolution of the declaration of independence?

Richard Henry Lee

Why did antifederalists dislike the proposed constitution?

the national government would be to strong

Is the proposed national storge site for nuclear waste?

Yucca Mountain

What proposed a challenge to the constitutional authority of the national government?

peace with France

Who was most likely to support proposed provisions that strengthened national power?

The Federalists were most likely to support proposed provisions that strengthened national power. This included James Madison, the 4th President of the United States.

What was the name of the original supercontinent that Wegener proposed in his theory?


What was the main purpose of the Virginia plan?

Virginia proposed a strong national government