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which Tna divas are real life dikes?

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Q: Which TNA divas are lesbians
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What WWE divas are lesbians?

Ya, your mom!:)

What divas are headed to tna or WWE?

Victoria jumped to Tna now she's called Tara

Are any tna knockouts lesbians?

"TNA" stands for "Total Nonstop Action," and is a mixed martial arts fighting entertainment company. The Knockouts is the TNA's women's league. At this time, within the current lineup, there are no out-and-proud lesbians.

Where is Melina Perez sextape?

Unlike Chyna All The WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Previous Divas, FCW Divas, WCW Divas, ACW Divas, And OVW Divas That Didn't Make a Sex Tape.

Do TNA knockouts get paid more money than WWE divas?

No they make around 100,000 less than WWE Divas

How many Divas had left WWE for TNA?

2 Ariel and trish stratus

What divas or tna knockouts will do a lesbian storyline?

No one knows until it happens.

Which WWE divas are lesbians?

mickie James,Candice Michelle and Victoria :):):)

What is Another name for diva?

In Tna wrestling the women wretlers are called knockouts and not divas. so another word for diva is knockout if that makes since .

When will mickie James return?

Mickie James is presently in TNA. She might return to WWE in the future. I hope she returns to the WWE someday because she is one of my all time favorite divas and I miss her like crazy.

Is TNA TNA inpact?

no is tna impact

What are the release dates for Double Divas - 2013 Director Divas 2-7?

Double Divas - 2013 Director Divas 2-7 was released on: USA: August 2013