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Nixon was president and founder of the Orthogonians at Whittier College. He was also President of the student body 1933-34. Others include: * Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Presidets of the University of Virginia. * James Garfield President at Hiram College where he also was on the faculty. * Woodrow Wilson President at Princeton University. * Dwight Eisenhower President at Columbia University. * William Taft was the Dean of the University of Cincinatti College of Law. * Millard Fillmore was the Chancellor of the University of Buffalo. * George Washington was the Chancellor of William and Mary. * John Tyler was the Chancellor at William and Mary. * Jimmy Carter is on the faculty of Emory University. * George H. W. Bush is on the faculty of Rice University.

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Q: Which US presidents were also presidents in college?
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What Presidents of the US did not got to College?

There were 11 US Presidents that did not graduate from college. See the link for more information.

What are US Presidents elected by?

The Electoral college.

Which college or university has the most presidents as alumni?

Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has produced the most U.S. Presidents, which is eight. Harvard also produced four US Vice Presidents.

What us president did not go to college?

US Presidents that did not go to college include Jackson, Johnson, Lincoln, Cleveland, and Taylor, to name a few. In total ten presidents did not earn a college degree and eight never attended college.

How many presidents earned a college degree?

Thirty- four of the forty- three US presidents earned a college degree of some kind.

What college enrolled the most US presidents?

barack obama

Did all the US president have a college degree?

No, many did not, especially some of the earlier presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; a few of the later presidents like Grover Cleveland and Harry Truman also did not complete a college degree. I enclose a link to which schools were attended by which presidents.

What US Presidents graduated from the College of New Jersey?

I checked several sources for this question. No U.S. presidents have graduated from the College of New Jersey. Harvard University has had the most future presidents enrolled.

What college has graduated more future US Presidents than any other?

Harvard has graduated more future Presidents than has any other college.

Which U.S. presidents went to college?

how many presidents went to college?

How many US President didn't go to college?

9 U.S presidents didn't go to college. George Washington.

How many president'sdidn't graduate college?

Twenty US Presidents did not graduate college. Out of those 20, eight never went to college and 12 did not finish.

Who were the presidents who had sons to become presidents?

John Adams and George H. W. Bush has sons that also became Us presidents.

Who elects the presidents?

The College of Electors elects for the president, on election day the citizens of the US vote for their states' members of the College of Electors.

How many US presidents or US vice presidents are from West Virginia?

There are no US presidents or vice presidents from West Virginia.

Which US presidents had relatives who also served as presidents?

George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush

When did the electoral college become created?

It is mandated by the US Constitution and has officially elected all US presidents. It was created in march of 1784

Which US Presidents never attended college?

Nine US Presidents never attended college. They were: * George Washington * Andrew Jackson * Martin Van Buren * Zachary Taylor * Millard Fillmore * Abraham Lincoln * Andrew Johnson * Grover Cleveland * Harry S Truman

Where can you find a list of all US Presidents?

Go to and type in the words "list US presidents" without the quotation marks. You can also go to

Pictures of presidents?

Pictures of the US Presidents and be found in most US history school books. The pictures can also be found in history books at your local library.

What president was born in Quincy Illinois?

No president of the US was born in Quincy, Illinois. There may have been some corporation presidents or college presidents or other president born there.

Did Andrew Johnson decide to go to college?

No! Andrew Jackson did not attend any colleges. He was one of nine US Presidents who never attended a college.

Of these Presidents of the US had also been a Vice President?

Theodore Roosevelt

What percentage of the US Presidents were born in Virginia?

Eight US Presidents were born in Virginia and the US has had 43 presidents, therefore, 18.6 percent of the US Presidents were born in Virginia. so the answer is this?

What nine us presidents never attended college?

There are only 6 Presidents who never attended college. There were 9 Presidents that never completed college, however. These are: Andrew Johnson Zachary Taylor Millard Fillmore James Monroe (Dropped out) Andrew Jackson Grover Cleveland William Henry Harrison (Dropped out) Abraham Lincoln Harry Truman (Dropped out)