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All US states require the repossession agency be licensed and bonded.

2006-07-31 19:48:46
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Who to sale a car that you owe for?

license require for repossession in ga

What automobile is street legal and doesnt require license to operate?

I know of no automobile that does not require a license to operate on public streets and roads.

How does one obtain a license to start their own repossession business in Ohio?

I don't think you need to be in this business since you need to be smart, and if you had done your home work then you would know that Ohio doesnt require a collection license like mich. does so if I was you I wouldn't quit my day job.

Why do you need to be licensed in landscaping?

Landscaping itself does not require any kind of license. However, you probably need a business license or permit to operate a company. Check with your local chamber of commerce for more info.

Does Arkansas require a license to become a repossession agent?

No, as long as you have verification of who your repoing it for or if you have the title and papers saying they owe you.

Do Maryland repossession agents need a cdl license?

If they're repossessing vehicles which require one, or operating vehicles which require one in the course of their operations, yes.

What state require a license plate for ATV?

To legally operate on a public roadway, all of them.

Can a non licenced person repossess a car?

This depends on the state in which the repossession happens. Not all states require repossession agents to be licensed. All states do require they be insured. Another way to look at this is, if an employee of the lender comes and repossesses the vehicle, they do not require a repo license in any state.

I want to start a food truck business outside the city hall.Is there a refrigeration requirement for a food truck?

Most cities and states have mandatory requirements that have to be satisfied. You will most likely require a license to operate this and when you get this license you will be able to get what is required of you

Does California require a business license for catering service?


Can you operate an off road dirt bike with a suspended license?

Riding off-road on private property does not require a license - a driver's license is a license to drive on public roads.

I would like to make a living by having houses for rent, do I need a business license to do that?

Most states do require that landlords obtain a business license.

What vehicles don't require a drivers license to operate?

electric bicycles that go 20 mph and under

Where can you rent a party bus for 15 passengers that you drive?

That would require a special license to operate legally.

Do you need a license to teach martial arts in caifornia?

There is no martial arts license required in California. However, to run a business will require a business license and meeting the appropriate health codes.

Can you drive a scooter on a full driving license?

It may depend on your jurisdiction. Some require a special license to operate a two-wheeled motorized vehicle.

What are the prerequisites to receive a license as a handyman in New York?

New York State does not license "handymen." The state may require a business license if you are conducting a business, and you may need a plumbing license or electrician's license if you will do plumbing or electrical work.

Do you need wedding car license?

Business of Wedding Cars in London does not require any particular license but the chauffeur license is required to drive a vehicle.

Do you need a license to operate a barbecue stand?

That will depend on the local laws. In post places you are going to require a business permit. You will also be required to meet the health code, which includes inspections and food handling training.

Is there a special license required to operate a bucket truck in Tampa, FL?

There isn't a certification or a test that you must take to legally operate a bucket truck. However, most states do require that you have the Class C designation on your driver's license.

Do you need a license to teach martial arts in New Mexico?

If you are doing it as a commercial enterprise, you need to conduct it as a business. It may require that you register and obtain a business license. If you are renting property or space in which to conduct classes, you certainly should have a business license.

Do you need a painting license to paint inside and outside of house?

It would depend on the local licensing regulations in the city that you are working in. Some only require a business license, while others require a specific painting license.

Does a small business require a license?

Yes, it is best to have a license when you own a small business and in some areas it is the law. You need to enquire with your local administration and see what your areas policies are.

Do you need a tattoo license in Washington?

I don't believe there is ANY place in the US that doesn't require some type of license in order to conduct a business. In that particular line of business possibly even a health department license.

Do you need a business license for Internet business?

Most local municipalities require you to have a business license to operate a business at home, even if online. However, if you do not have people coming to your home for business, then I would not worry about it.I've been working at home full time since 2004 online, but because I don't have customers coming to my home, it's not vital to have a business license.However, one thing home business owners neglect is business insurance. If your house burns down due to something that happened in your office related to your business, the insurance company may not cover it. Business insurance even for an internet business is only $20 or $30 extra per year.