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14th amendment

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Q: Which amendment has been used by the Supreme Court to overturn many court decisions in order to enforce equal rights?
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What can congress do to overturn a supreme court decision?

Nothing but the President can choose not to enforce it. (The decision)

What did Brown v. Board of Education illustrate about the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court has no power to enforce its own decisions.

Does the US Supreme Court have the power to enforce its decisions?

No, the US Supreme Court can't enforce its decisions; this limitation is one of the checks on the power of the Judicial branch. The Court generally must rely on the Executive branch to ensure the order the Supreme Court is carried out.

The power of judicial review allows the Supreme Court to?

The power of judicial review allows the supreme court to: 1)Overturn an act of Congress that violates the Constitution. ...2) Can obstruct the supreme court's rulings by refusing to enforce them. ...3) Can overturn an unconstitutional law passed by Congress.

How can the supreme court overturn legislation approved by the congress and the president?

The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch of the government and has the responsibility to enforce the Constitution. If legislation is found to be unconstitutional then it is overturned.

What branch of the US government is required by law to enforce Supreme Court decisions?

The Executive branch, headed by the President.

When the US Supreme Court makes a decision how do they get people to obey it?

The US Supreme Court lacks the ability to enforce its own decisions, which is a check on the Judicial Branch of government. The Executive Branch is vested with the authority and obligation to enforce Supreme Court decisions, and the Legislative branch can support a decision by passing laws upholding the Court's finding.

What power gave the Supreme Court the status to balance the other branches?

The Executive Branch does not enforce its decisions, Congress and States can ratify a new amendment to change the US Constitution, and the S.C. only "rules" on the cases that come before it.

Why did the treatment of Cherokee get worse after the supreme court declared Georgia's Indian laws to be unconstitutional?

The federal government did not enforce the Court's decisions.

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