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Amendment 9

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Q: Which amendments states that the people have other rights that are not specifically started in the Constitution?
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Ratification of amendments to the Constitution is a power of the?

Ratification of amendments to the Constitution is a power of the?

What is the main body of the constitution?

The main body of the Constitution are the Amendments.

Is the bill of rights one law?

They are not laws, they are amendments to the U.S. constitution. 10, specifically. It's what people refer to when they say, "I plead the fifth." (Fifth amendment)

How many amendments are written in the constitution?

42 people signed it

Why was the constitution written to allow amendments?

to give people rights.

Why did they make the amendments?

The Amendments were written to protect the states and the people from a too-powerful federal government.

How did some of the later amendments to the Constitution broaden the meaning of we the people?

The amendments included Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and women who were not considered people

What are the amendments to the US constitution called that spell out the personal rights of the people?

The first ten amendments are the "Bill of Right".

How can the people affect the amendments of the constitution?

By letting them choice their life or religion.

Is the bill of rights part of the us constitution?

The Bill Of Rights is part of the Constitution of the United States Of AmericaMore specifically, it is the first ten Amendments to the United States Constitution. The 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights were written together to protect the rights that the founding fathers wanted all US citizens to have.

Why were the amendments made?

The Constitution of the United States was specifically designed to be flexible to the needs of the people. The writers recognized that society would not always be the same and that they were not putting down the law for all time in the original constitutional convention. The individual amendments were all included for different reasons. Some of the most notable were the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. These in effect ended slavery, gave African Americans citizenship, and attempted to guarantee them the right to vote.

How has the constitution been amended to expand the amount of people who are involved in government and how has the constitution been reinterpreted to expand the rights of the people?

The Constitution has been amended by adding the Bill of Rights (amendments 1-10) and adding amendments 11-27.