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My children have awful Allergies--I use the throw away kind. Better be safe than sorry.

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Q: Which are better room air cleaners with replaceable filters or ones with washable filters?
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What are the benefits of HEPA filter vacuum cleaners?

HEPA, or "high efficiency particulate air" filters work by trapping particles that other types of vacuum filters would let back out into the air. These filters are beneficial because they capture dust particles and debris that would slip through other types of filters, meaning that they clean better than others.

Which are the benefits of HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners?

High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are a final filter on a vacuum cleaner. They remove all but the very finest particles. This means that the air the cleaner exhausts is cleaner, making them much better for persons with allergies.

Why are some cleaners more expenseive?

Some cleaners are more expensive because they work better. Other cleaners might be more expensive because they use natural, less harmful chemicals.

Are cone filters better than normal ones?

Cone filters are considered to be the best type of filter to use.

What are some of the better reviewed wood cleaners?

There are many different wood cleaners that have received great reviews. One may use retail site Amazon to find reviews from customers as well as purchase these cleaners.

Is it better to by an air purifier with a throw-away filter or one you wash and reuse?

For cost of operation it is better to have an air purifier with a washable filter system.

Are electronic air filters better than the old conventional ones?

Yes, current electronic air filters are much better than the old conventional filters. With updated technology, the newer filters are able to catch and filter much more bacteria and other harmful matter, allowing one's home to have cleaner air.

How well do Green Cleaning Products really work compared to regular cleaners?

Many green cleaners are not very good at doing their jobs. Many of the national-brand cleaners that are 'slightly' green will work better than completely green versions.

Where can one purchase IQAir filters?

One may purchase the IQAir filters from Swiss Pure Air, Walmart or Amazon. These filters are claimed to clean the air's ultra fine particles and provide better quality than standard HEPA type filters.

What is better sand filters or cartridge swimming pool filters?

I depends on what you want. Both filters work great, although cartridge fitlers may work a bit better and are easier on your pool pump. Sand filters are less expensive and filter pretty well. If it's just two of you or a small family and you have a tight budget, then go with sand. You'll need to backwash on a regular basis. Cartridge filters are a bit better at getting the smaller elements, but you have to take them out and wash them, they can't be backwashed and might be a bit of a hassle.

Does evaporation work better than coffee filters?

That would depend on what you are doing.

Why are full house water filters better than those that just filter tap water?

The reason for full house filters being better than the filter tap water ones will be because the house filters have a longer lifetime as well as its components are way more advance than the filter tap.

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