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O positive is the most common blood type.

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Q: Which blood type is most common a b or o?
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Can you donate type b blood anywhere?

Type b blood can be donated anywhere as it is one of the most common blood types in the world. Most hospitals or blood donation stations will accept type b blood.

Most common ABO blood type?

ABO blood typing is a method for differentiating individuals' blood based on the presence or absence of two antigens, A and B. The most common blood type in the world is O positive, which has neither the A nor the B antigen.

What blood types are most common to least in races?

Blood type AB is the most common among humans of all races. A and B blood types are about even for second place and Blood type O comes in third for least common.

Is having type b blood unhealthy?

Blood types just mean that there are different antigens in your blood, which is normal. There are actually 5 blood types. O, is the most common type with A, B, AB being a little less common.

How common is B Positive blood?

Approximately 9.4% of the population has the B+ blood type.

What is the most common universal blood type?

The most common type of blood is O positive. This type of blood is known as the universal donor because neither A nor B antigens are found on the surface of the red blood cells and this type of blood therefore can be given to an individual with any blood type in need of transfusion.

Is type o positive blood common?

Group O " has neither A nor B antigens on red cells (but both A and B antibody are in the plasma)O positive is the most common blood type. O can be given to any body because O is the most common

What are the abbreviations for each type of blood?

The four blood types are Type A, Type B,Type AB,and Type O. Type O is the most common with 46% of population with that blood type, followed by Type A with 39%.

What is the most common blood type in humans?

There are actually millions of blood types, but the 8 main types of human blood are as follows:O positiveO negativeA positiveA negativeB positiveB negativeAB positiveAB negativeOf these, the most common blood type is O positive. The most uncommon blood type is AB negative.

Which is the most common blood group?

The most common blood group most probably is O+ or even B+

What are some examples of facts about B positive blood?

The blood type B positive is the third most common blood type. The blood type B can only be donated to other B blood types and AB types. While only 9% of Caucasians and Hispanics are B positive 25% of Asians and 18% of African Americans are also.

How do I find out what is a rare blood type?

No this blood type is not super rare compared to other types. The most common types are A or B. O is the rare blood type because during donation it can be changed into any blood type.

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