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Although many people leave their dog home during working hours it's difficult for any pet. You could leave a paper in the bathroom and train the dog to "do his duty" on that. Dogs and even cats get lonely. Put on a music station on the radio (something soft and soothing) so there is some sound for the dog. However, it's best to have someone come in and take your dog out to do his business and hopefully a walk. A good pet owner walks his dog 3 times a day. Of course for many people they just don't have the time for this. You can also drop your pet off at a baby-sitting service and there are some that aren't that expensive. Just as if you were leaving a child at a Day Care, be sure to research the place out and be sure your pet will be treated well. Then pick the dog up on the way home from work. Many people here in B.C. do this.


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