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Chevrolet, Phoenix Motorcars, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Sierra, and Hyundai are some examples of car companies that manufacture hybrid pickup truck.


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A hybrid car is about 100mph. I have renyed them for city driving and I was surprised on their pickup.

All the major car companies make a hybrid engine as of 2013.

Would it be better for you to get a hybrid truck, or to get a hybrid car? This will, no doubt, depend on your unique situation. If you constantly need to buy a lot of material, or haul heavy things, then you should definitely get a hybrid truck. Hybrid trucks are great for hauling passengers, as well. If you're only driving a short distance and you're only driving yourself to work, consider purchasing a hybrid car instead of a hybrid truck to save even more money on gas.

Be more specific: hybrid car, truck, bus, etc.

It is a 'pickup' and is a small truck or van with low sides.

There are a couple auto makers out there that sell hybrid pickup trucks to the general public. Some examples that do include the following: Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

The Toyota Hilux was created by the Toyota car company around the late 1960's. It was meant to become a pickup truck, compact truck, and SUV combined. Toyota and other car companies typically do not combine different car categories today, which is why the Toyota Hilux has mostly been retired.

Henry Ford the founder of Ford automotive can be credited with coining the phrase pickup truck. In 1925 the first pick up truck was designed and modeled after the Model T car. Mr Ford called the truck a runabout. He also claimed that the truck had a pickup body.

Nowaday, all major automobile companies r making hybrid cars.

Some companies that offer car and truck rental near Honolulu airport are CarRental8 and United Truck Rental. Both companies offer all kinds of car and truck rental throughout the world, including near the Honolulu airport.

1953 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

There are a number of really great hybrid cars out there, and this has led to people demanding them from car rental agencies. Due to this high demand, there are a number of companies out there that provide hybrid car rentals to their customers. You simply need to make sure they carry the model you're looking for, and most companies that provide hybrid car rentals display that fact proudly on their website.

Information on pickup car dealers can be found on Auto Trader, Car Guide, Pickup Truck, Leader Auto Sales, Lovett Pickups, USA Auto Dealers and The Car Dealer.

The future of hybrid cars can be found on many websites for automobile companies themselves. For the ideal future hybrid car, you can read President Obama's statements on where the hybrid car should be in the next decade.

The Toyota Prius is the most mainstream hybrid car. Honda has hybrid Civics and the Insight. Chevy has the Volt. Nissan has a hybrid Infiniti. It seems like most car companies have some kind of hybrid offering at this point. Toyota's just seems to have been the longest out there/most popular.

The following two websites offer pickup truck comparisons, and

The Chevrolet Avalanche is a full size four door pickup truck. It is a cross between a SUV and a pickup truck. This vehicle is particularly marketed as a sport-utility vehicle.

Aaron drives a Ford F150 pickup truck.

Companies are developing Hybrid Cars it attracts consumers who are pro environment and desire fuel efficiency. It also gains popularity for their companies, as the eco-friendly image is "in" right now.

KIA Optima makes Hybrid and so does SonataIt would probably be easier to answer the question if it were reworded "What are companies that don't sell hybrid cars?" Here is a list of many of the car companies who offer hybrid cars and trucks along with some of their models:BMW - Active Hybrid5Buick - LaCrosse eAssist HybridCadillac - Escalade HybridChevrolet - Tahoe hybrid, Silverado hybrid pickupFord - Fusion, Escape and C-Max HybridsGMC - Yukon Hybrid SUVHonda - Civic Hybrid and CR-Z HybridHyundai - Sonata HybridInfinity - M35h HybridLexus - LS 600hL HybridLincoln - MKZ HybridMazda - CX-S SUV HybridMercedes - S400 BlueHybridNissan - Altima HybridPorche - Panamera S HybridToyota - Prius and Camry hybrids, Highlander Hybrid SUVVolkswaggon - Touareg HybridThis is not even close to the full list of manufacturers or hybrid cars, SUVs and pickups that are offered. Hybrid cars are very popular.

There are many companies that offer rentals of a car dolly. Some of these companies are Penske Personal Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental, U-Haul Rentals and RentalHQ.

When renting a truck for vacation or personal use the same rules apply as renting a car. Even though a truck is different than a car the same rules apply for the rental the truck must be clean and have no new damage when returned.

You can compare various hybrid cars from all different car companies online. This will give you an idea of the different types of hybrid available. When ready to purchase a hybrid, find the nearest dealership for that brand of car closest to you. You can find them online or in a phone book.

No, truck is not a car. Car, is not a truck. But Truck is an auto. An a auto is a car!!!!

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