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There is no real answer to your question as it would depend on the model you buy. The overall reliability of the cars today, by most experts list the Japanese first, followed by American and the German manufactures last. The gap between 1st & 3rd is very narrow. But that can be deceiving as within certain models that may not be true. For instance, the Japanese manufacture Suzuki does not have a great reliability record, but Toyota does. And the German manufacture Mercedes has an excellent reliability record but VW does not. Each country builds great cars and some not so great cars. And it may change from year to year. Consumers Reports and similar publications will provide you with detailed list of each model and their reliability. And lastly is the fact that almost any car today will last a long time if it is taken care of, and regularly scheduled maintenance is performed per the owners manual. And almost any car will have problems if that maintenance is ignored.

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Q: Which cars last longer German American or Japanese?
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