Which caste do vishwakarma belong to?

Viswakarma is a caste of priests, engineers, architects, sculptors, temple builders and artists and includes the 5 artisan/artificier groups of Sculptors, Carpenters, Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths and Bronzesmiths. In ancient India they were the builders of Temples, Palaces, Forts, Houses, etc. They were held high in the society and like Brahmins wore the sacred thread and followed Hindu scriptures. They were practitioners of Shilpa sastra, Thachu sastra and Vaasthu sastra, etc., falling under the Athavana Vedha. All the architectural marvels of India were designed and built by the Viswakarmas. They formed part of the noble classes in ancient and medieval India. Subsequently, the community became poor due to the invasion of foreign invaders like Mongols and Mughals, etc. At present due to their economic status, the government of India and various state governments have categorised them under OBC category.