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Q: Which cities in Brazil are megacities?
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What are the cities with over a million people?

million cities or megacities

What are South America's megacities?

Two of South America's megacities are Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires of Brazil. The third South American megacity is Rio de Janeiro, Argentina.

What are cities in Brazil?

Brazil has many cities of over a million people.

Major cities of Brazil?

Brazil has many cities, large and small. The major cities in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Sao Paolo.

Who is the Minister of Cities for Brazil?

Gilberto Magalhaes Occhi is the Minister of Cities for Brazil.

Where are many of the megacities located around the world today?

There are 28 megacities as of March 2013

What cities surround the Amazon River?

There are many cities that surround the Amazon River. Some of these cities include Manaus, Brazil, Santarem, Brazil, Belem, Brazil, as well as Iquitos, Peru.

Do more people live in farms or cities in Brazil?

People mostly live in cities in brazil

How many cities in Brazil?

in the northeast of Brazil there are 15,865,678 people and in Brazil about 190,000,000In Brazil there are 5570 counties (census of 2013) comprising towns, cities and large cities.

How many cities are there in Brazil?

27 cities

How many cities are there?

Today 408 cities have at least that many inhabitants. And there are 20 megacities with 10 million or more residents.

Are the cities in Brazil located in one region?

No, the cities of Brazil are distributed all over the country. There are more cities on the East coast than the west coast.

Cities in Brazil that begin with the letter A?

· Anapolis is a city in Brazil

Does Brazil have 36 states and 6 cities?

No... Brazil has 36 states and a Federal District. And 5561 cities.

What are major cities and their population in Brazil?

Brazil has many large cities. It has 5,570 municipalities.

What continent has the most megacities?

Asia. It contains 15 of the world's 27 megacities (≈56%). The next highest would be Europe with 4.

What are some cities in Brazil that begin with the letter V?

· Vitoria, Brazil

What are Brazil's two largest cities?

São Paulo city and Rio de Janeiro city are two largest cities in Brazil.

What is the main cities of Brazil?


What are some cities in Brazil?

There are many cities in Brazil, including the capital Brasilia. Other cities include Sao Paulo, Salvador, Rio de Janiero, and Porto Alegre.

How many megacities are there?

As of 2007, there were 18 megacities according to "Living in the Environment, 15th Ed., G. Tyler Miller, Jr." See Chapter 23 on Urbanization and Transportation. It's possible that this information is now considered to be outdated. It should be noted that megacities can alternatively referred to as megalopolises.

What are 2 cities inside of Brazil?

Braslia and rio do janerio are both in brazil

Why do people live in megacities What are the pressures people face living in megacities?

People often live in megacities in order to be close to work or to find work. A pressure faced when living in a megacity might include the pressure of long lines for transportation or a high cost of living.

How many people live in towns and cities of Brazil?

An estimated 67 million Brazilians live in the countries largest cities. Of 155 million people in Brazil, 115 million live in cities.

What is the capital and important cities of Brazil?

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Important cities include Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.