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For 2009 it was Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Top 10 most dangerous METROPOLITAN areas by homicide rate per 100 000 inhabitants from 2000-2010. With population more than 250 000 residents.

Note: Metropolitan areas are generally the recognisable city.

10: Cape Town, South Africa= 68 murders per 100 000 since 2000.

9: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil= even though Rio's central municipal murder rate stands at 37 murders per 100 000, it's surrounding metropolitan contains a poorer concentration of citizens resulting in more violent homicides.= 85 murders per 100 000.

9: Cali, Colombia= 85 violent deaths per 100 000 inhabitants.

8: Guatemala City, Guatemala= 90 homicides per 100 000 people.

7: San Salvador, El Salvador= 95 killings per 100 000 people.

6: Kinshasa, D.R. of the Congo= least personal safety out of any metropolitan and city in Africa, ranked by UN forces and Mercer Quality of Life report.= 112 homicides per 100 000.

5: Medellin, Colombia= 116 murders per 100 000

4: San Pedro Sula, Honduras= 120 homicides per 100 000 people.

3: Kingston, Jamaica= 125 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants.

2: Caracas, Venezuela= 130 murders per 100 000 people.

1: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico= 133 homicides per 100 000.

Dishonorable mentions: Cities that didn't make the list or cities that are extremely dangerous but have no homicide rate or no crime data available for the city.

. 11: Bujumbura, Burundi: UNODC ranked Burundi 37 murders per 100 000 in the year 2004. Bujumbura is the capital and extremely dangerous= no data available.

Grozny, Chechnya, Russia= no data available, Mercer's Quality of Life index ranked it the most ruined city and metro in the world. Chechen rebels are still fighting for control over this extremely dangerous and wartorn city.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti= Haiti's estimated murder rate from UNODC is 21.55 murders per 100 000, 2003 and 2004. And since the government is corrupt and undercounts them, Haiti's murder rate could be severely higher. It is not odd to see children carrying around machine guns and assault rifles and guns laying around Port-au-Prince's slums. One of its slums won the grand title by UN as the most dangerous place in the world. Port-au-Prince, Haiti= no data available.

Bangui, Central African Republic= Mercer's Quality of Life Index survey ranked Bangui as one of the least livable cities in the world. It also ranked near the top in personal safety. Stating the crime rate is extremely high. Bangui, Central African Republic= no data available.

Ndjamena, Chad= recent rebel attacks in 2008 and Civil War in 1979-1982 has torn this city apart and has made it a synomym to hell on earth. No data available though.

Brazzaville: Congo= Being neighbourng cities with Kinshasa is surely hard, but this city has many of it's own problems too. Ranked number 4 on the least livable cities list from Mercer's Quality of Life Index. Civil wars raging all through the 1990'sd civil unrest afterwards. Brazzaville is an extremely dangerous city.

Khartoum, Sudan= Sudan in 2004, which is the only year crime stats is available ranked 17th in the world with 27.2 murders per 100 000. Khartoum's citizens live with a humongous gap between the rich and the poor and corruption has created a life of fear for many residents of Khartoum.

Point Noire, Congo= Mercer's Qualliy of Life Index ranks this city as #7 on the Worlds Least Livable Cities chart. The travel risk for this city is very high. Even some tourists take that risk for the great surfing in the city. Even though violent crimes and car-jackings are extremely common. Point Noire, Congo= No Data Available.

Geting Things Straight.


New Orleands, U.S.A.= 21 murders per 100 000. Actually a city of around 1 million inhabitants, the highest per capita average murder rate of any city in the U.S. from 2000-2010 but lower than the above cities.

Los Angeles , U.S.A.= 314 murders in 2009. 7.85 murders per 100 000 population. Compared to what it USED to be , 1993= 21.1 murders per 100 000 people.

Mexico City, Mexico= People somehow think all of Mexico is dangerous, meanwhile it is just the Chihuahua region in northern Mexico that averaged 72 murders per 100 000 in 2009. Mexico's murder rate in 2009 was 15 murders per 100 000 in 2009. Which is not good. But can not be given the reputation for violence that it is getting with those numbers compared to numerous other countries. Infact for it's most recent murder rate of 15 per 100 000 in 2009. It can't even reach the top 40 for most violent countries. Mexico city's murder rate is about 20 homicides per 100 000. The most dangerous city in the world, Ciudad Juarez, is in the notorious Chihuahua region. The Chihuahua region is located in northeast Mexico and its borders meet those of Mexico's and the U.S.A.

Chicago = 8 per 100,000. What more can we say? Probably the most overrated city on earth for murders. Actually less murderous than many of the cities it's compared unfavorably to (by way of some highly suspect data use), such as Sao Paulo, Moscow and Mexico City. On top of that, SP and MC are two of the safer cities in their respective countries these days.

Toronto Canada= 1.5 murders per 100 000 people. Is the average of Toronto. Toronto's most dangerous neighbourhood, Jane and Finch, averages 10 murders per 100 000 residents annually.

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Q: Which city has the highest murder rate?
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