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Most "featured" clubs created by stardoll. They may tell you in the presentation something like "Join to receive free t-shirt" this will be promotional and they may even give you a link to like them on facebook for a free item. Some links are below (some of them may not work after a while, sorry)

You will probably see some over time on stardoll, & you can check for single worded clubs e.g. "Dove club" "Saturdays" or "Amy Diamond" Clubs which are include numbers will have not been created by stardoll so there will not be a free gift when you join (stardoll clubs have spaces in between the words) Some other clubs may give you links for free stuff too. These clubs usually have the word "free" or "freebies" in the title.

-Hope this helped.

go to and search stardoll. it will bring you to a page and log in. but before you do that you must find a link on a stardoll free website thing and type that in the browser... just look it up on Google!

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join saturdays club tokio hotel and join msw cause it is really fun! btw freind me im ivytrim

Lots of clubs give you gifts, some of them are... Hannah Montana Tokio Hotel Amy Diamond Monster High wow_uk TWTWB Beastly_UK miss sporty and Stardoll Books Club are some, and theres always more!

The offical Tokio Hotel club gives you a free tokio hotel head. Once you have joined, you will find it in a giftbox in your suite!

You can join some clubs that give you some free stuff, Go to stardoll underneath it has all the free items you can get on stardoll, hope this helped ♥

I dont know all the clubs on stardoll but I am part of a club called Covergirl_Tips7, owned by srkaseta and there is alot of contests on there. She gives out awesome gifts if you win so check it out! Also visit her page and vote her for covergirl! Thank you! I hope this helped!

Yes!! Stardoll does give out dresses for non superstars but only in special occasions. You can join some stardoll free stuff clubs so that they can give u free dress updates.

tokio hotel,amydiamond, and other celebrity clubs, and deep_ocean, worldcup1goal.

I don't think I will beable to give u twenty but guitar hero clean break hannah mottanah

The best place to go is Diamontes the club because it gives away a free dress every week and a pair of shoes and bling accessories, also 2 star dollars.

nothing but if u r finding clubs thats gives u free stuff visit me at stardoll my username is justmegirl alat of gift u send me alat of clubs i tell u and dont forget add me

okay well you can get it from all kinds but if u want stuff go to oh yea btw add me im divask8er and plzz vote me miss stardoll world and tell ur friend to vote me to thnx so much

Join these clubs for freebies :) Amy Diamond- Free Amy Diamond Poster and Chair Tokio Hotel- Free Statue/head WorldCup1Goal- Free poster Saturdays- Free poster xoxo Rose_Jean P.S for future updates, and even more freebies, visit my blog, dedicated to Stardoll,

hi my name is chenlee i am a stardoll member and the 10 gifts are for u to find out I'm sure u will love it but the only one i can tell you is a top secret cheat i am the maker and the treasurer of stardoll to inable to get 500 free stardollars u need 2 give 5 gifts to cytheralynne (it must be different gifts and penguins are not working) ciao enjoy your free stardollars

On stardoll there is no way of sending clothes to another stardoll member you can send gifts but not clothes. Sorry!

Sorry you can only give it to friends not club members :(

No! But you can send them gifts when you go to their suite !

you cannot send a free gift but if you confirm your e-mail or get superstar you have got money to send a gift with

My friend srkaseta owns a club called Covergirl_Tips7 that gives out free gifts and awesome gifts if you win a contest check it out! Also vote her for covergirl! Thanks! I hope this helped:)

There are lots of blogs and club on stardoll that give you free stuff ! Ask your friend that are on stardoll if they know any !

lots of clubs if u look carefully

My friend srkaseta's club called Covergirl_Tips7 give out great gifts if you win a contest! She put up contests every other day! It is great! Please join the club and vote her for covergirl! Thank you so much! :)

i just want free thing on stardoll without proxys!!

no cou can not. you can send gifts to friends but no money

it is from the stardoll admins if they mail you they ither give you money or they give you free clothes

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