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I'm afraid that you can't achieve a degree in that area on-line, as that discipline is one that requires a lot of face to face training and peer review. Psychology is NOT an exact science like math or chemistry, It requires a lot of "getting to know the way" that it is conducted. If you are looking at an Associates in Psychology go to and look at the online degrees. They offer an AS in Psychology as well as others. For the Bachlors Degree look at they offer the BS in Psychology as well as other BS Degree. Both colleges have these degrees 100% online. You just have to take some of the test at a local college which you live nearby or a library. Just where someone (a proctor) can watch over you while testing.

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Q: Which colleges should you look at if you wanted to get a psychology degree online?
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Should I get a Master's degree in Psychology from online graduate schools?

No, online graduate school is really not advised for a psychology degree. This is the type of practice which is more hands on, and learning in person is much more effective.

What courses should you take to major in clinical psychology?

Most colleges and universities offer a major in psychology which will give you all the basics. Most clinical psychologist have a doctorate degree, thus, the first step would be a bachelor's degree leading to that higher degree.

Where can i find an online art therapy degree?

Nowadays, most colleges and universities offer online courses. Check liberal arts colleges such as Occidental College. They should have a program for art therapy.

What are some good colleges that offer online degrees?

It depends on what type of degree you want within business and what you want to do with your degree. There are websites that rank degree programs, but you should focus on what you are wanting from the degree and what you are willing to pay or put into earning the degree as part of choosing the online university.

Where can I earn a masters degree in counseling online?

You should check first with your local colleges. Many universities now offer online courses to get your Master's degree, and a state or private university is more respected than an online school.

Where can I find a list of the best colleges for psychology online?

The address of this website should say it all: If that leaves you unsatisfied then I would try

Would a psychology degree be a graduate degree?

You can obtain a degree in psychology at all levels to include associate, bachelor, master's, and doctorate degrees. The lower the degree, the less opportunity for jobs within psychology. When thinking about careers within the field of psychology, you should think about obtaining the minimum of a master's degree.

If you are a crt or rrt what courses can you take to add to that degree for higer pay are there any on line course you can take?

You should start working on advanced degrees (even in a related area) of which you can find colleges and universities that offer the degree online. Most colleges and universites today offer online coursework.

Where should I get my art therapy degree from?

I would do some asking around about local colleges that interest you and offer art programs. You can also look at online colleges to see if any of those interest you.

Is there a digital photography degree?

Yes there is. You can take classes online here, and get your degree. Just read the FAQ's It should answer all your questions.

How much should it cost to get an associate degree online?

The cost of acquiring an associate degree online differs from college to college. The best way to know the cost is to request information from several colleges that offer online associates degree. Some of them also offer tuition assistance and financial aid programs.

What is the best degree to become a psychologist?

The minimum educational requirement is a master's degree. Most psychologists in private practice have a doctorate. If you are serious and have a real passion for the field, then you should start with a bachelor's degree in psychology. However, if for any reason you do not pursue a least the master's degree in psychology, then you will have to ask yourself what you will do with a bachelor's degree in psychology. In other words, a bachelor's degree in psychology does not make you a psychologist.

Is psychology a branch in medicine?

yes, I have a doctor degree. I should know

How do you get a degree in psychology?

In order to purse career in psychology you need to think about what kind of degree you can earn and which college should be selected for this. There are many psychology degrees at all education levels and many directions you can take after getting these degrees. The first step to learning how to get a degree in psychology is to figure out what kind of psychology professional you want to become.If you want some help like finding college and degree for psychology then is best place for this.

How To Find Accredited Online Psychology Classes?

Psychology classes are now offered on the internet thanks to the popularity of online learning. Students pursuing a psychology degree online may not know where to begin looking for accredited online Psychology classes. This article will explain the simple process and offer a few helpful insider tips. Because the area of counseling and accreditation is somewhat gray in the Psychology career field, some people may be able find employment with a non-accredited certificate. Today jobs are hard to find, so schools contacting a person through their personal email or having ads featured on websites should always be treated with extreme caution; these schools’ non-accredited programs may be detrimental to a person seeking employment after graduation. The most simple and time-saving way to determine if a school offering online Psychology classes is legitimate or not is to check the website of the Department of Education, which features a searchable database of accredited schools on their site. If the school isn’t listed when a person searches for it, then it should be avoided. Several websites offer information about Psychology classes online, but information should never be trusted unless it is from a .gov, .edu or .org website. Websites ending in .com or .net are often unreliable or questionable. School websites with a large number of backlinks or advertisements should be avoided as a credible institution. Schools such as Argosy, The University of Phoenix and Kaplan are all popular colleges that often advertise their online Psychology classes, which some may mistakenly treat suspiciously. These schools are all accredited and offer good and legitimate degree programs in Psychology. Their admission requirements are often much less demanding than competitors. Community colleges and Universities usually offer several classes or entire Psychology degree programs online. Both of these educational options are fully accredited and may always be trusted for a degree that will ensure employability after graduation. Many companies offering a non-accredited Psychology program, some based overseas, will often purchase keywords or ad-space on search engines in attempt to make money. Practicing caution and always verifying accreditation status with the Department of Education are the most important things to consider when searching for accredited online Psychology classes.

How many online religious colleges are there in the state of Texas?

There are about 7 or 8 online religious colleges in the state of texas. It should be easy to find the right one for yourself online.

A practtical approach to the study of psychology in law?

First, attend university and get a doctors degree in psychology. Then, there should be an optional continuation for you to learn forensic psychology, where psychology is used as an aid in law enforcement. Then, seek employment.

Where can I buy a degree online and about how much will it cost me?

Earning your Business degree online is a great choice for working professionals who want to advance their career options in todays frantic workforce. Today, there are a numerous educational institutions that are making earning your Business degree online not just a dream, but a reality. But how much should you budget for your online degree? This article covers the costs of some of the most popular online colleges that offer Business Management degrees. Click on the name of a school for more information!

What field should you study in college to be a photographer?

There are colleges and universities that offer a degree in photography.

Which University offers the best online business degree?

The top colleges that offer online programs are the best universities in your area. Now, colleges and universites have fully fleshed out online programs nine times out of ten, so you should always check them out first. Because it makes your second question easier - financial aid will be easier to get for in state university tuition.

Where can one get an interior design degree online?

One can get an interior design degree from an online college. One online college that should offer this degree is the University of Phoneix. This online college offers this course.

Online Degree Programs?

Henry Steele Commager once claimed that education is essential to change.It is only natural that change has finally caught up to education.Elementary schools students elect to take computer courses.High schools are outfitted with interactive white boards and digital projectors.Colleges create virtual campuses that bring class into the homes of its students.Through technology, education is now being completely reevaluated and designed.Online degree programs are simply one of the many ways in which these changes are improving the quality and availability of education. Online degree programs offered by online colleges and branches of on-campus colleges have brought higher education not only to a larger range of traditional students but also to working adults, who have been widely underserved by colleges and universities.Flexible schedules that can be arranged around a full workday and classes that can be taken from any location make online colleges the first choice for many students. Some online colleges began as distance education programs that facilitated students in earning certificates through correspondence courses.Others began as the Internet became more popular and widely used.Regardless of their origins, many online degree programs are now developed to meet the same requirements as on-campus programs.Organized uniquely for the Internet to allow the maximum level of interaction and flexibility, online degree programs create a balance between delivering strong education and catering to the needs of distance learners.Major online colleges include the University of Phoenix, technically the largest private university in North America, and Kaplan University. With vary levels of accreditation, online colleges must be carefully researched by prospective students.Online colleges should meet the same standards as traditional colleges and university.Six regional accreditation associations meet federal standards.These include the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the New England Association of Colleges and Schools, the Northwest Association of Colleges and Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Western Association of colleges and schools.Online colleges accredited by one of the above association meet the same standards of brick-and-mortar colleges, and a degree from such a school should be met with the same respect as an on-campus college.Some colleges are nationally accredited though not regionally accredited.Students may consider these colleges but should make confirm that employers and other universities accept such colleges as legitimate institutions of higher education.

How do I start a career in psychology?

You should first get a degree in psychology from an accredited university. In order to get into a career in the field, additional training is required, such as a specialty (therapy, marriage counseling, etc.), or an advanced degree (PhD, etc.).

Are online degrees respected?

After the evolution of online education and e-learning, there are many online colleges and universities that are being established virtually and it has been made very easy for the students to take these online courses and complete their degree programs. Online degrees are always respected provided that the colleges or university you have enrolled yourself in is accredited and recognized worldwide. Just ensure that if you take online classes, the college or university should be verified by the verification bodies.

Where can I get a degree online for IT work?

I am sure you can get any IT degree courses online. Check out Bachelor's Degree, Life Experience Degree, these are a few you should definitely want to check it out for more information.