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There were many colonists who didn't think taxes were a good reason for American independence, some were relatives of famous Patriots.

The colonists who still remained loyal to Britain, even after the taxes, are called Loyalists.

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The Loyalists did not consider unfair taxes a good reason for rebellion, hence the name "loyalists"

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The Loyalists or the Tories.

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Q: Which colonist did not consider unfair taxes a reason to fight?
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Did loyalist have to pay taxes too?

Why not! If there consider a colonist they got to play taxes. Or if they switch sides they can fight against unfair taxes and be a patriot

The Declaration of Independence explained why colonist wanted freedom?

Yes and gave them a reason to fight for independence

How did the colonist react to the decloration of independence?

It gave them hope and a drive to fight against England a reason to sacrifice their lives. It gave them a reason to fight the king! To free themselves from the king's unjust actions.

How do you win an unfair fight?

By not fighting.

What did colonist fight and die for?

Religious beliefs

What did colonist do?

# they work hard some fight

Why did the American colonist want to fight the Revolution?

They wanted to fight in the war to fight for what they wanted. They wanted to be free and have with their own say. They were sick of the british treating them horribly and they felt taxes were unfair. They wanted their freedom and their own country. They wanted to be treated fairly. They were sick of the unjust behavior coming from the british. they were ready to fight back against british. they were ready for war. oh yeah ;)

What side did Jon Hancock fight for?

the colonist side

What did the Indians want from the colonist?

they want to fight for the revolutin

Who did the colonist fight against the American revolution?

The English.

How did the colonists' help us win the revolution?

They didn't the colonist were colonist at the beginning but in the middle they said we are now Americans british and we fight fight fight until we are dead or get freedom and the intense part of the war begins.

Who started the fight of manifest destiny?

The colonist started the war