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Which color of light makes plants grow faster?


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its the color of a pencil

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yess it does. Blue light helps plants grow faster. Im sorry but i dont know why though. Red light makes plants grow slightely faster and green light makes them a tiny bit faster.

Plants need photosynthesis to grow the sun makes that possible.

all colors are absorbed from the light except the color green, which makes them that color

The answer is black, it is a very dark color that atrracts the light as i seen in other resources.

the pigment that makes the leaves of plants green in color is the ''chlorophyll''.

I think Lite color fabrics makes ice cubs melt faster.

If you fix your eyes on the color red, your heart will beat faster.

Plants make food for themselves through the process of photosynthesis: absorbing light for food. What makes this possible is chlorophyll, which is the green pigment that gives plants their color.

Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

Chlorophyll reflects green and yellow light. This reflection makes many plants look green.

The type of soil that makes plants grow faster is known as loam soil. Sandy and clay soil lack the capability of supporting proper growth of plants.

Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

The kind of soil that makes plants grow faster is known as loam soil. Sandy and clay soil do not promote proper development and growth of plants as they lack essential nutrients for the growth of plants.

Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

there is no color combo that makes red. it is a primary color. the color red is actually light reflecting off the obect.

hi i am awesome! okay i have heard it makes plants grow faster!

All plants contain the molecule Chlorophyll which is used by most plants in the process of photosynthesis. This Chlorophyll molecule absorbs Red and Blue light to use the energy from these wavelengths leaving green light to be reflected. It is this reflected green light that makes the leaves of plants look green.

it makes it grow faster, stronger, and healthy.

Yellow and a light brown.

Light orange and cream

what makes plants grow is the sun light and and the rich soil and the rain, also what keeps them growing is photosynthesis.

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