Which continent is Israel on?

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2017-08-15 18:19:12

Israel is part of the continent of ASIA,

specifically in the region called "the Middle East." "Southwest

Asia" is also being slowly adopted as an alternative for the term

"Middle East." Israel is very close both to North Africa and

south-eastern Europe, but is not part of Africa or Europe. This is

because the internationally accepted demarcation of the border

between Asia and Africa is the Suez Canal; and the demarcation

between Asia and Europe runs through the Urals and the Dardanelles,

making Israel an Asian country.

It is important to note that for UN Security Council rotations,

Israel is considered part of the "Western Europe and Others" group,

since the Arab nations blocked its entry into the Middle East

group. It also shares a lot of legal and cultural traditions with


It is also worth noting that like several other Middle Eastern

and Caucasus countries, Israel is allowed to participate in the

Eurovision song contest. Additionally, Israel plays in the European

Football Cup.

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2011-12-14 01:38:42

Israel is on the continent of Asia.

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