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Which continents of the world have Spanish speaking countries?


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The following continents have at least 1 Spanish-speaking country:



North America

South America

(Some lists also include Asia, because the Philippines has a significant Spanish-speaking population)

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there are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world

There are about 20 Spanish speaking countries, which is about 9% of the world's countries.

All spanish speaking countries in the world are respresented by immigrants in the U.S.

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Yes there are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world.

There are many Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Some of these countries include Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, as well as Argentina.

Unfortunately, this question is too broad, because there are Spanish-speaking countries on every continent of the world except Australia. Almost every type of animal on Earth has a species living in Spanish speaking countries.

There are 193 countries in the world and there are 7 continents in the world.

Every country in the world plays soccer in some form, whether or not they have a national team or organized leagues. This includes Spanish-speaking countries.

There are twenty countries in the world that list Spanish as their official language. A few of these countries are Paraguay, Equatorial Guinea, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

According to a recent research conducted by, the Spanish Speaking Worldwide Population is estimated at 452,480,979 inhabitants as of March 2008.

LUNCH is the largest meal of the day in the Spanish-speaking world. It usually happens around 14:00-16:00 in the afternoon.

North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaAsia

Lik all other countries in the world, Sunday is the first day of the week in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. See the related question below.

The only country that speaks Spanish as a primary language in Europe is Spain. Some people on the borders of Andorra and France speak it as well.The only Spanish speaking country in Europe is Spain. There are 20 other Spanish speaking countries in the world, but they are in Central and South America.

There are 53 french speaking countries in the world.

Countries are smaller than continents. Continents contain several countries.

In Spanish speaking countries it's el futbol norte americano

The world population of spanish speaking people is: 368,440,000 According to a recent research conducted by, the Spanish Speaking Worldwide Population is estimated at 452,480,979 inhabitants as of March 2008. However, 22 countries were considered for research purposes based on the US Census Bureau.

No, most countries in the world don't speak Spanish.In South America, The following countries don't speak Spanish:BrazilGuyanaFrench GuianaSurinameFalkland Islands

22 countries and territories are considered Spanish-speaking in the world. Puerto Rico is the only non-independent Spanish speaking territory as it is an autonomous territory of the U.S. although it functions similar to a nation. The United States is increasingly considered a Spanish speaking nation due to a large Hispanic population and the fact that nearly all students take it in either high school or college and the government and businesses now conduct many functions in English and Spanish.

This is the spanish language version of the search. It is popular in spanish speaking countries around the world such as spain and mexico and also in the us.

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