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Which countries did not compete in the 2004 Olympics?

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In addition to Tuvalu, I found another one: Kiribati (also a Pacific island nation).

Also, I couldn't find any entry for the Vatican City State.

AnswerThe UN has 191 full members. The US recognizes those 191 plus Vatican City as nations. Only the Vatican and two others, both in the Pacific, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands, did not send teams. By population, Vatican is the world's smallest nation, Tuvalu second, and Marshall Is. ninth. That makes 189 nations at Athens. You may be wondering about the difference between 189 and the "202 participating countries" at Athens. Athens had Taiwan ("Chinese Taipei"), Palestine, and 11 dependencies/territories take part: Bermuda, Cayman Is., & British Virgin Is. (all British), Guam, Virgin Is., Puerto Rico, & American Samoa (all US), Aruba & Netherlands Antilles (Dutch), Cook Is. (NZ), and Hong Kong (Chinese) AnswerThere are lots of countries not participating. AnswerKiribati is participating!!!!!!!! AnswerSpecifically during the Sydney 2000 Olympic closing ceremony all countries of the world were called to reunite in Athens in 2004. However the IOC offical invitations (deliveried in 2003) only go to countries with officially recognised national olympic committees (NOC). So countries without an NOC are not invited to the Olympics. These are generally very small nations and territories in the Asia and Oceania regions.
2011-09-13 12:33:15
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