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Nearly all countries involvedWorld War 2had tanks, though some did not build their own and instead, used tanks either built by their allies(respective of their side ie:axis or allies)or captured from the enemy.The Soviet Union(mainly Russia)and the U.S.A. "had"or produced more tanks than anyone else, followed by England, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Japan, and Hungary. Rumania, Switzerland,various soviet states, and theother countries involved in the war generally used tanks that were made by other countries on their side who had better industrial capabilities. I hope this answers the question.

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How many USSR tanks were produced in World War 2?

two hundred tanks were produced in world war 2

How many Canadian Tanks were used during World War 2?

Canada only had 4,601 tanks in World War 2.

How many British tanks were lost in World War 2?

32 british tanks were lost during world war 2

How useful were tanks during World War I?

Tanks in World War 1 wasn't useful at all because, it was only recent when Tanks were used, Tanks were developed in 1908, 6 years before World War 2 and people were not used of driving them. Also, tanks in World War 2 was 10000% more useful because Tanks in World War 2 had more of an range of styles and the ratio of Power:Weight is more balanced than World War 1 tanks. Don't forget, in fact some World War 1 tanks fell apart or collapsed because of the unbalanced power:weight ratio.

Transport in World War 2?


Did ww1 and World War 2 have tanks?

Yes, both world wars used tanks.

Who use the tank in World War 2?

Pretty much every major allied and axis country with the acception of China used tanks in World War 2. The main countries which used tanks on a huge scale were the Germans, Soviets, US and Britain.

Facts about World War 2 tanks and Planes?

100,000 tanks and planes

How many World War 2 tanks were there?

Over 100,000 tanks were used in WW2.

Why didn't the Britain use tanks during World War 2?

They DID use tanks.

What countries used the microphone and receiver Headgear in their tanks in World War 2?

how am i supose to know that's the question I'm asking

How many tanks did Russia have in World War 2?

About 17,000 tanks during the entire war. Wikipedia has a breakdown by model.

How many American vehicles were there in world war 2?

There were many American vehicles in World War 2. These vehicles included the Army tanks, armored cars, cruiser tanks, infantry tanks, and armored personnel carriers.

How high were tanks in world war 2?

Tanks in this period varied in height from 4ft to 10ft.

How many tanks did Britain have in World War 2?

about 1,456

Did they use tanks in World war 2?

Yes alot.

How many tanks were deployed in world war 2?


How many tanks in world war 2?

over 5000

How did they get world war 2 tanks to Africa?

They shipped them on ships.

Did they use tanks or airplanes in World War 2?


Where were the tanks from the World War 2 made?

In tank factories

How many tanks did Michael Wittmann destroyed in World War 2?

Michael Wittmann destroyed 138 tanks with his almighty Tiger I tank during the course of World War 2.

In World War 2 what was the most thing like a tank used for fighting?

What? WW2 was the second war with tanks fighting tanks.

How many tanks did the US use in World War 2?

The Americans used 183,396 tanks, nearly half of this was Sherman tanks.

How many tanks were made in World War 2?

Over 100 thousand tanks were built in WW2.

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