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Which countries have children available for international adoption?


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We are adopting from China. I have heard that Guatemala, Russia, India and Vietnam also adopt out internationally. Many, many countries have children available for intercountry adoption. For a few years Vietnam put a ban on it, but recently lifted this ban. Some countries are very particular about who can adopt. For example Korea insists that you meet certain weight requirements! If you are over 30% of the ideal weight for someone of your height they won't consider you. Other countries won't allow you to adopt: * unless you can prove you are infertile * if you have been divorced more than once * if you have more than a certain number of children already in your home Your age is also important depending on your preference for the child's age. Generally, the older you are, the older the child you will be eligible for. Answer>>>>>> My teacher is adopting a baby from India.


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There is no statistical information collected on the number of children becoming available for adoption in the US. The number would include those in private adoption, kinship placements, children moving from foster care to foster adoption, as well as readoptions resulting from disruption.

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Adoption and GenderAccording to Families Thru International Adoption, in most countries, boys and girls are both available for adoption. In China more than 97% of the children adopted are girls, but boys are available. In India most of the children adopted are girls but the percentage is not as high as China. In Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, and Guatemala the adoptions are about divided equally between boys and girls. Note that at the time of this research (2004) Vietnam was closed to the US for adoption of Vietnamese children. This is alleged to only be temporary.Addendum to the above post: Vietnam now (as of summer 2005) has boys and girls available for adoption.[ Hunt participants: Wiki s was built on great questions like this. For your first task as a team edit 60 questions in any category for correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization. If the correction prompts a merge to another existing question go ahead and merge it (that counts too)!Once you are finished with this task* proceed to the next portion of the hunt by following the clue listed on the bio page of Bart101 at* The timestamps can be inspected for compliance]

Yes, gay men can adopt children in the UK. Full Joint adoption is also available for gay couples.

There are several different government funds available for children in many different countries. The Child Trust Fund is available in the United Kingdom.

More than 1 million people/parents want children that can't have them. It's very sad, but adoption is available.

Fairly simple, international adoption works in many directions. People from other countries can adopt US children, just like US adults can adopt foreign children. Why wouldn't they be able to? Do you honestly think that no US children are adopted out internationally?

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There are many good things about adoption. Adoption helps a child or children find a family of their own to love them.

Another Choice for Black Children Adoption Agency was created in 1995.

They don't flaunt children for adoption like that. Not very ethical.

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A parent or parents who will love, protect and nurture the child(ren), who has been prepared, trained approved and licensed by the appropriate people.A child who is (children who are) available for adoption, who's birth parents no longer have their parental rights.

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There are no regulations per say, but bigotry and biases certainly exist in the adoption community and with government social workers which can be more of a hindrance than laws.Some American Indian tribes have restrictions on adoption of Indian children. The children of some tribes are available for adoption only by other members of that tribe. The tribe determines whether the restrictions will apply and are not subject to laws of the state in which the reservations are located.

James Aaron Rosenthal has written: 'Special-needs adoption' -- subject(s): Children of minorities, Children with disabilities, Older child adoption, Special needs adoption

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