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which countries have no extradition treaties with the Philippines


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whitch countries do not have extradition treaty with spain

No. UAE and the Philippines does not have any extradition treaty.

US has an extradition treaty with Thailand. The treaty was signed at Washington on December 14, 1983. The treaty is mainly relating to extradition. Please refer the link in sources for the complete treaty. Hope this helps.

There's no such thing you either have an extradition treaty with another country or you don't. You don't have a treaty to say you wont ask for extradition.

Pakistan has signed extradition treaty with USA, China and UAE.

According to the Wikipedia article "Extradition law in the United States", Indonesia is one of about fifty countries that do not have an extradition treaty with the U.S. - Indonesia does not have an extradition treaty with the United States for most crimes, however they do allow extradition to the US for drug smuggling or other drug-related crimes.

Yes. It is a mutual extradition treaty.

Panama has an extradition treaty with the US.

China, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh

US has signed an extradition treaty with the netherlands. Deatils about the treaty are: TREATY DOC. No. 97-7 1980 U.S.T. LEXIS 133 The treaty was signed on June 24, 1980 under the presidentship of Mr Ronald Reagan.

Only Thailand and China have extradition treaties (not ratified by Cambodia) with Cambodia under the UNTOC and OECD.

The UK does maintain an extradition treaty with Mexico.

The Philippines has extradition treaties with several countries. It would depend on which country in America you are referring to.

Although relations between the US and Venezuela are currently strained, the two countries still maintain diplomatic relations and I believe that there is still an extradition treaty in place.

Yes, the UK maintains an extradition treaty with Ecuador.

The US and Cuba, have no extradition treaty, for one.

He will be extradited to Britain from France.They have applied for his extradition to extradition treaty.

President Pratibha Patil recently visited Chile Brazil and Mexico During her trip with which of the following countries did India sign an extradition treaty?

No. Russia called for the ratification of an extradition treaty in 2009, however there was no American response.

Bill Clinton signed an updated extradition treaty with Barbados in 1996, but there had been an extradition treaty since the 1930's between the U.S. and Britain, which covered Barbados.

No such treaty exists between UK-Japan. Japan has extradition treaties with two countries, USA and the Republic of Korea (in effect as of 2006).

Without searching the extradition laws of every country in the world, suffice it to say that, unless you have VERY low expectations, you would NOT want to live in any country that does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

Kenya has extradition with countries contiguous with Kenya, Commonwealth countries, the United States, Italy, Finland, Greece, Poland, Spain, and Germany. These are all mentioned explicitly in the "Extradiction (Contiguous and Foreign Countries) Act", Chapter 76 of the Laws of Kenya. I found reference to a bilateral treaty with Peru. There may be more.

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