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Hinduism first began in the great country of India. Mythology states that hinduism began in modern kashi in India.

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ancient India (South Asia)

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Q: Which country did hinduism begin in?
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In which country and city did Hinduism begin?

Modern day Pakistan but Pakistan was part of India , it originated from India esssentially

What are facts about the country Hinduism?

Hinduism is a religion, not a country.

Did Hinduism begin long after christianity?

No. Hinduism is believed to be the oldest religion in the world.

What area in India did Hinduism begin?

Actually, HInduism has no founder, and is known to be eternal.

What did Buddhism and Hinduism begin?


What place did Hinduism begin?

Hinduism began in 1500-500 BCE in ancient India

What is the only country that has Hinduism as their national religion?

The only country as Hinduism as their national Religion is Nepal. In India Hinduism is not a national Religion.

When did the religion Hinduism begin?

1500 BC800bc

Religions that begin with letter 'h'?


What country is 80 percent Hinduism?

80% of Hinduism is found in India were Hinduism was "born".

Where did buddhuism and Hinduism begin?

Present day INDIA

With whom did Hinduism begin?

Hinduism was no single founder, there were many founders, with thus, i do not really know.