Which country first used tanks during World War 1?

Tanks were a British invention. They were supposed to have been named tanks because when they were transported to France they were stored in huge crates and listed on the manifests as �water tanks�. I think they were used at the battle of the somme.

The term "tank" was a deliberate attempt to conceal the true nature of the weapon.

Did you know that the first operational tanks were Male and Female in design? The males had more guns and the females were somewhat faster, but faster is a relative word as the fastest WW ONE tank could only get up to 5 mph. They also had a bad habit of catching on fire.

The Battle of the Somme is correct and also tanks were first used only to break down barbed wire and breach enemy lines so troops could follow in with little resistance...

Because it is very affective.

Tanks were developed in an attempt to break the trench war stalemate.