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Which country make the best chocolate?

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What is the best chocolate making country?

I personally think that Germany makes the best chocolate. Try Ghirardelli chocolate.

What country does the best chocolate come from?


What are the best make of white chocolate buttons?

Co-op white chocolate buttons are the best

What is the best cookie you can make?

The best cookies are always the classics, such a double chocolate chip, or chocolate cookies with white chocolate drops.

How much chocolate is made in Belgium?

A LOT. We do make the best chocolate in the world. trust me, it's the best!

Which country does hot chocolate come from?

Hot chocolate is most likely to be situated in belgium considering all the best chocolate comes from there.

Why are the Belgium people famous for their chocolate?

We have the best factories and local chocolate makers. Our country is known for their expertise in this field. We have the best techniques, the best ingredients, the best recipes and the best chefs.

Why did Milton Hershey build his chocolate factory in dairy country?

You need milk to make chocolate

Does France make the best chocolate?

Switzerland and Belgium are widely regarded as the two best chocolate producing countries.

What kind of chocolate should you use to make chocolate covered pretzels?

Semi-sweet chocolate is the best choice.

Is butler's chocolate the best chocolate the world?

That's a matter of opinion, so there is no right or wrong answer. If someone says that "Butler's chocolate is the best chocolate in the world," then they are asking for someone else to say, "Cadbury is the best chocolate in the world," and so on. But whatever is the best chocolate, just make you sure enjoy it!

What are the best candies to make for gifts?

It must be chocolate!!!

Which European country is the best to visit?

The best country in Europe to visit is probably Germany, they have awsome chocolate and other great stuff to see and do.

What is good about Belgium?

The chocolate! Americans believe Swiss chocolate is the best, but that's absolutely not true. We make the most delicious chocolate ever. Our beer is known to be the best in the world. Belgian fries, ...

How do you make a chocolate coating for candies?

An easy way would be to melt chocolate (milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate would probably be the best) and the coat the candies using that.

Which country makes the best hot chocolate?

Mexico because they discovered the Cacao bean :) Canada, of course. Mexicans don't drink hot chocolate, preferring chocolate milk and milkshakes.

Which country produces the best christmas chocolate gifts?

The country that produces the best Christmas gifts made of chocolate depends on the interests of the gift receiver. Many say that Swiss chocolate is by far the greatest. However, many people favor chocolates made in the United States due to their popularity in popular culture.

What is the best way to make chocolate chip cookies?

find a recipe

Where in Belgium is famous for chocolate?

You can find good Belgian chocolate everywhere in the country, but Bruges is the city to go to if you're interested in museums about chocolate (you can watch them make chocolate, see sculptures in chocolate, and even clothes made out of chocolate). I recommend the brand Leonidas.

What is the name of the best chocolate?

The name of best chocolate is not really a name. This is what you should do: when you are at the food store ask the parent you are with if you can buy RUSSEL STOVERS chocolate and make sure that is the biggest pack of cherry filled chocolate that you can find!! singed Rita Sovinsci

Name the country known for producing the best chocolate in the world?

Switzerland, but also Germany and Begium.

What is the worlds best selling chocolate?

Cadbury Chocolate is the best selling chocolate in the world

What country is chocolate grown in?

South America and Africa (i know these aren't countries but continents), pretty much any warm country can. chocolate isn't grown, coca beans are and the beans are crushed and added to sugar and milk products to make chocolate

What is the best chocolate for chocolate sculpting?

milk chocolate

What kind of chocolate can you use to make dipping chocolate?

There are many kinds of chocolate one can use to make dipping chocolate. One can use milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate to make dipping chocolate.