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Q: Which design can be used for form in design element in fashion apparel?
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What is the element of design?

the elements of design are the components of design that we work with. eg. line, form, colour, texture etc.

What is the plural of apparel?

The plural form is apparel. It is an uncountable noun.

What are cuttings in fashion design?

Fashion design involves 3 steps. 1. Invent a design. 2. Cut out pieces of cloth that will fit together to form that design. 3. Sew the cloth together into the desired article of clothing. So, cutting seems to be step #2.

What is form design?

is the process of drawing an element of art, that use collect a data.

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is a art form that deals only with clothes and accessories. It has to do with culture, the time period, and social influences. Fashion only consists of two season and they are fall/winter or spring/summer. Designers present fashion shows based off of their ideas of what fashion for that season will look like but not only for just the runway but for retailers as well.

What do fashion designers do to make the clothes?

Fashion designers design there clothes in many ways. For one, fashion designers find models, which you can trace form places, and sketch there ideas right out form there. Then fashion deisgners can call the labels on products, or find an agnet or companie, and sell there clothes or designs to them and see there designs in stores.

What is the verb form of fashion?

to fashion

What is verb form of fashion?

to fashion

Where can one study for fashion design?

You can study Fashion Design at any Arts Institute for $141,037 or you can go to a place like Fashion Institute of Design and Manufacturing for around $60,000 that is before housing cost. You can also go to Parsons over in New York. Those are three of the most known Fashion Colleges. I will say that Fashion Institute of Design and Manufacturing is the college I suggest because of it's refined curriculum to where you only learn what you are going to need for the Fashion Industry. Also the Arts Institute if a 4 year program and Fashion Institute of Design and Manufacturing is a 2 year program and you are going to have complete LIFETIME access to a Career Center that can help you form a resume and you are also GUARANTEED a job in the Fashion Industry upon graduation.

What is the plural of fashion?

The plural form of fashion is fashions

Is fashion an example of art?

yes, fashion is a form of art.

How is an element form?

I dont know if this is right,but there is no possible you can form an element it have to form on its on

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