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Which do you pour first for dressing oil or vinegar?


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you pour oil first then vinegar.


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Oil and vinegar dressing is a heterogeneous mixture.

Oil and vinegar salad dressing is only homogeneous for a brief time when you shake it. The purpose of shaking it is to make it homogeneous before you pour it. After a few minutes of sitting still, it will return to a heterogeneous state.

no. because italian dressing is a suspension of oil,vinegar

The most popular salad dressing to make with oil and vinegar is a simple vinaigrette. The ratio of oil to vinegar is around 3 to 1, although this can vary, particularly if a low fat dressing is required.

There is usually some kind of fat, such as vegetable or olive oil. Often, an acid, such as vinegar or lemon juice, is included, as are various spices and sometimes sugar. The most basic salad dressing is probably oil and vinegar. Pick an oil, pick a vinegar, pour some on your salad. Jk! It's made of pig SShhiitt!

When you pour oil on vinegar the oil floats because it is lighter than vinegar

first oil then vinagar but don't lissten to me because i am only 10

Oil and vinegar are a mixture. After a while they will separate.

Oil and vinegar dressing is a temporary emulsion. When the dressing sits for a while the oil and vinegar separate from each other. If you were to put this on the salad it would taste pretty disgusting because it would be entirely oil. So to avoid this, you shake the dressing and then add it to the salad so that the oil and vinegar is combined and it creates a good flavour.

Vinegar is polar, oil is not. You must shake so these two substances can mix and form one. When these to substances are mixed they can pour out probably so, you can have a tasty salad.

French dressing is made primarily from vinegar and oil. Ketchup is usually part of the mix, lending the dressing its signature red color.

Heterogeneous materials can be separated as they are made from separate components. Oil and vinegar salad dressing is an example of heterogeous product.

The balsamic vinegar is low in fat, but the oil required to make the dressing will be high in fat.

Pour vinegar oil on them

Oil and vinegar separate into layers in a bottle of salad dressing because vinegar is more dense than oil, and therefore goes to the bottom. The less dense vingear stays ontop.

When you purchase balsamic vinegar, you do not get the oil in the vinegar. However, it is possible to purchase a pine nut oil and balsamic vinegar salad dressing.

you get lovely salad dressing

It is necessary to shake an oil and vinegar salad dressing before adding it to a salad because they separate easily.

yes because salad dressing is a suspension of vinegar that will separate into layers if left undisturbed.

Vinegar and oil will separate. Shaking it mixes them together.

because oil and vinegar are separate completly. if u do not shake it, itl come out as only oil or only vinegar, when you shake it you get both out.

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