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Q: Which drums are better PDP or Ludwig?
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Which are a better quality Ludwig drums or pdp drums?

i think Ludwig but its my opinion

Are DW and PDP drums the same brand and which one is better?

DW for sure!

Are PDP Drums also made by Tama?

No, considering the fact that PDP and Tama are competing brands.

Where are pdp concept maple drum made?

PDP makes its drums in Mexico.

Are Are PDP Drums Also made by the Tama Company?

No, considering the fact that PDP and Tama are competing drum companies.

Where are Ringo Starr's beatle drums?

Ludwig Drums

Which brand of drums does Ringo Starr play?

Ludwig Drums

What brands are there for drums?

pearl,ddrum,PDP,DW,tama,ludwig,pork pie,,slingerland,mapex,orange county percussion,yamaha,peace,gretsch,and a couple more but im having a mindblank

What types of drums are made by the Ludwig company?

The Ludwig company make musical instrument drums. They make bass drums using pedals, hydraulic drums and have since expanded production to wooden and brass drums.

Are Ludwig Accent drums good?

Ludwig Accent drums were designed to be a starter set for beginners. You would not find a better beginner drum set for the price. I would recommend changing the drum heads to something better than what is supplied with the set and it would make it sound much better.

What drums did Eric Carr play?


What drums does Patrick Carney use?


Where can you purchase a pdp drums?

You can purchase PDP drums directly from the company's website, or you can use their Dealer locator feature to see if you can find a local music shop that carries them. You can also purchase them from the well-known musical catalogue Musician's Friend.

What country is Ludwig drums made in?

Ludwig imports the Accent line from Taiwan. They make their other drums in Monroe, NC, and LaGrange Park, IL.

What brand of drums did the Beatles use?

Ringo used Ludwig brand drums, still does to this day.

What company made Ringo Starr's drums?

LUdwig- Ludwig were and are the ( Mercedes-Benz) of drums they developed tunable Tympani in the late l9th century with three harmonics no less.

What drums did ginger baker use?

Ginger Baker used Ludwig drums throughout his entire career..

What are the brand names for drum kits?

This sound be fun haha! Lets see... Pearl Tama Ludwig Shine Custom Drums Truth Custom Drums Spaun Drums Orange County Drums & Percussion Sound Percussion First Act Burswood (first act of target, was my first set ever ^.^ lol) SJC Custom Drums DW Drums PDP Drums Maybe you can find Remo Drums Craviatto Custom Drums (helllaaa expensivee) Yamaha Drums Gretsch Sonor Mapex DDrum Taye Drums Pork Pie Drums Pulse Drums Trick Rogers GMS (Expensive also, and nice, don't see them to often) Battlefield Custom Drums I prob missedd some, so forgive me!

Where can Lugwig snare drums be purchased?

Ludwig drums are one of the most popular brands among musicians. They can be purchased at most music stores such as Musician's Friend and Guitar Center. Additionally, there are now many online music shops and specialty drum shops that carry Ludwig snare drums and other Ludwig products.

What type of drums did The Beatles have?

Ringo admired Ludwig brand drums, so he bought a set, and wanted the Ludwig logo on the front but the origianl maker of the drums said what about the band name, so he took the band name "The Beatles" and painted in Ludwig logo style with the large T on Ringo's drums. later, Ringo was given a gold-plated Ludwig drum set- which he still has but doenst use in public- he siad in a na interview on youtube

What kind of drums did Ringo Starr use?

Ringo played Ludwig Drums while he was a member of The Beatles. He helped to popularize their drums and to catapult the company's fame.

What drum kit is better out of Yamaha or Pearl?

I would say Yamaha is way better. Pearl drums tend to crack easy. My personal opinion is gretch or Ludwig drums. They have a great ring to em. I love the snares and you can pick ludwigs up for a fair price.

What is better-drums or guitar?

Drums in my opinion

Why Ludwig and pastie name on the same cymbal cymbal?

Pastie made cymbals for Ludwig. You will find this info on the Wikipedia entry about Pastie: Ludwig Standard, a mid-line series from the 1950s-70s produced for distribution by Ludwig Drums.

Are guitars better than drums?

guitar are way better than drums :D