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Many Honda enthusiasts agree that the B18 is the better motor. The B18B or B18C is a better motor than the B18A. The B18 is a very good overall motor that can handle a lot of power on boost, make a pretty decent power all motor, and are high-revving.

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What engine is better for racing b18 or b16?

The b16a2 for sure

Does a 91 Acura Integra have a b16 engine?

91 acura integra has a b18 91 acura integra has a b18

Is there a custom camshaft for a D15B to get more power out of it?

your best bet to get more power than a d15 is to engine swap. a b18, b16, or a k20 are the most readily available. youll probably end up spending less on a b18 swap than upgrading the cams on a d15

What other engine models will fit a 92 Honda cx hatch back with 1.5 engine Please include the manufacturer years that are compatible please?

a b16 b20 b18 all the d models should fit right in

How do you put a b20b in your 88 crx si and is it hard?

Why would you put a B20B in to a CRX, that's the engine out of a CRV, and yes, it will be a pain in the ass. Why not do one of the common swaps such as a B16 or a B18. If you can get your hands on a JDM B18 Type-R, that should be more than sufficient and a lot easier to pull off.

Will a 2000 Integra 5speed Transmission Go into a 95ls Integra 5speed? long as it is b series it will fit onto any b series example- b18 tranny will be compatible with a b16 motor.......LS is b18....

What kind of motors will fit in a 1992 eagle talon fwd non turbo?

v-tec b18 b16 is it AWD? no it is not awd its fwd and its non turbo

Can install a b18 transmission into a b20 engine?


What is the best vtech engine to swap?


Is a cold air intake better then a regular air intake in a Honda B16 Engine?

Cold air intake is better because it's denser.

B20 head on b18 block?

a b16 vtec head on a b20 bottom end is the way to go good hp and massive torque also known as a frank motor

Can i put a b18 engine in my Honda civic lx?


Will a b18 engine fit a 93 Honda civic hatchback?


What is Honda b16 a?

engine code for a 4 cyl dohc vtec engine from the 90's

What engine does a 1994 integra rs haveB16 B18 etc.?

b18b1... b18b1...

How do you install b18 c into 1993 civic?

you can install it by putting it in the engine bay

Does all stock 1990 integra ls come on a b18 engine?

almost every integra has some type of B-series engine rangine from b16 b17 b18a b18b b18c b20....... internal and external differences but the head and blocks are almost identical or cna be modded to swap from one to the other i jsut swapaed a b18a for a b18b into my 91 integra

Can you put b16 Honda block with d16 head?

No B16 is a DOHC and the D16 is SOHCNow u can do a B16 Block with a B18c head but u would loose power better off doingB18C1 bottom B16B head

Where is the air flow sensor on a Honda b16 engine?

On the intake pipe to the throttle body

Which is faster b18 turbo or b20 turbo?

The b20 will smoke the b18

Does a 1998 integra ls have a b18 motor?

First generation Integra's have D16A1 motors Second generation had B16's B17's and B18's all of which had vtec besides the B18B, and the B18A motor. Third Generation Integra's all had B18 motors, but had many different versions, the B18B1 was the stock RS, GS, and LS motor, the B18C1 Was standard in the GS-R models, the B18CR was standard in the 96-97 Type R models, and the B18C5 was standard in 98-2001 end of productions models.

Your civic is obd1 and the b16 engine is obd0 how do you connect it up with the wiring harness?

Down grade the sensors.

What Honda Civic engine will fit in a 1994 Honda Civic ex?

b18c1, b18a1,b16 with custom or hasport motor mounts and the engine harness

Will Acura Integra rods interchange with D16 rods?

What engine is in the integra? Is it a B18? Is so the aswer is no unfortunately for you. b18 rods will work in a d16 block and crank. the rods of the same length as d series rods but you will have to notch the bottom of the sleave and have to use a bushing to make the b18 ls rod to work on a d series piston. So the answer is yes

How much horsepower does a B18 C Type R engine have?

1.8 Liter DOHC VTEC Engine hydro operated tranny 200hp/134tq/11.1 Compression Ratio