Which fungus do you use to make blue cheese?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Which fungus do you use to make blue cheese?
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What is a bacteria that is used to turn milk into different kinds of cheeses?

Cheese is the solids in the milk together with the fat in the milk. One does not normally use bacterias in order for the milk to separate into cheese and "water". Bacterias do play a role later when the cheese matures. Popular cheese like Roquefort or "Blue cheese" uses a fungus as in a strain of penicillin fungus. Some chese even use certain forms of lice, and is very much alive when eaten.

Do you use copper wire in the production of blue cheese?

Yes, Danish Blue and Stilton use or have used copper wire to create the blue veins in the cheese.

What could you use blue cheese for?

you can use it for a salad

What cheese can you use in place of blue cheese?

I think its possible to use asiago cheese as a good substatute. I'ts easy to find

What do you use to make grilled cheese?

cheese and bread

What microbes do we use to make cheese?

We use bacteria to give the cheese flavor

What cheese is use in cheesecake?

In the recipe I use to make cheesecake, I use Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

What edible substance use to make dichtomatic?

cheese cheese

How much cheese does it take to make cheesecake?

you use cream cheese not regular cheese

What cheese will you use instead of blue cheese?

green cheese!just kidding!swiss,chedder,montery jack,goat,farmers,and cottage.:)

What cheese can you use in place of blue cheese for stuffed chicken?

goat cheeze or a mild bree` would be good.

Can you make cheese from the milk of a pig?

yes you can. Tney use it in Denmark to make feta cheese