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It depends greatly on your car. There should be a diagram on the fuse box, if none then check all fuses and replace with a fuse of the same amps.

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Q: Which fuse do you need to change to get your dash lights to work?
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Which fuse do you need to change on a 2000 Renault Megane Coupe X-reg if the dash does not work?

if by saying dash you mean speedo and some warning lights check the abs fuse located in interior fuse box below steering wheel on dash.

When the Right tail light smashed dash lights went out also?

Generally, dash lights and tail lights are on the same fuse so that if the tail fuse blows you'll know. When the tail light was "smashed", it shorted out the circuit and blew the fuse. You need to fix the tail light before you can get the dash lights to work.

Dash lights do not work after radio installation?

You need to check to fuse box.

Why is it that the lights on the left side of your car and your dash lights quit?

you probably need to change your fuses you probably need to change your fuses

What would cause the dash lights and parking lights to stop working in a Chevy S10 Blazer?

Probably a blown fuse. What you need to find out is why the fuse blew.

Where is the backup light fuse for 2002 Buick century?

There are no fuses for the dash lights. Are your dash lights not working? If not, then you will need the instrument cluster refurbished. I can do this for you, contact me at ANCTechnologies at hotmail

Tail lights and dash lights wont work you check all the fuses and bulbs 98 Malibu?

Check the fuse again; tailights and dash lights are fused together on most vehicles. You need to pull fuse and test with a circuit tester and test both sides where the fuse plugs in.

The dash lights are out and the fuses are all good so what could be wrong on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

You might want to check or replace your dash dimmer light switch. I found this to cause either no dash lights or intermittent lights. Check the fuse box under the hood. The fuse you need is under the hood.

1997 Buick park avenue tail lights and dash lights dont work but all others work fuses are good?

I have a 97 Buick Park ave and the dash lights went out ? all other lights seem to be working , and I cannot identify which fuse , if any could be in need of replaceing . I cannot , with the owners manual , identify which fuse it is that controlls the dash lights ? there are too many , fuses with confusing acronyms ? Any one know exactly which fuse I need to check ?

The tail lights to your 94 ford ranger arent working but the brake lights are you need to change the fuse but theres no owners manual to your truck can someone help you please?

Tailights and dash lights are often fused together. Check the fuse for instrument lights. Also if the fuse is blown and you have a trailer connector on the truck, really look for a short there. I hope this helps a little.

Your 95 Toyota 4Runner has no lights for the AC heater or fan settings or the shifter positions Aren't they supposed to light up like the dash Is this a fuse out somewhere?

Yes they light and are on the same fuse as the dash lights. So if the dash light works then these are just burnt out and need to be replaced.

Need to find fuse for brake lights on 2002 ram 1500 the brake lights don't work and the bulbs are good?

One fuse block in the dash, and one under the hood

2006 Toyota Corolla dash and tail lights dont work I replaced dimmer relay and still not working?

Try Replacing the ATM Fuse 15Amp that is located in your fuse box under the Steering wheel dash, you need to put your back to the floor on the driver side under the dash board and look up and take the cover off the fuse box which is located up high under your dash and replace the fuse listed as "TAIL 15A" this controls your tail lights for when your head lights are on and your speedometer lights etc.

Dash lights not working on a 1995 Monte Carlo?

the dash lights went out in our older 1995 monti Carlo does the whole dash need to be taken apart or are you able to change lamps from behind

How can i fix the Dash light?

First you have locate the knob or the dial controls. This is what brightens the lights on your dashboard. Then you need to check the fuse that controls the dashboard lights. Most of the time the fuse needs a simple replacement.

Tail lights and dash borad lights not working 1995 land rover?

Both lights are on the same fused circuit. First, check the fuse. If you have a trailer light plug, make sure it's not shorted. Generally, you need to find the reason the fuse blew out. check fuse there on same circuit

Is there a fuse that might have blown because your light on your dash by the fuel gauge is burnt out or is it just the bulb what fuse is it or how do you get the dash apart to change it?

you need to pull the dash apart and take the cluster out and the bulbs just twist out

What is wrong if your 95 Tacoma dash lights and tail lights are out and there is no power going to the fuse for dash lights and you heard a click when you were fixing a moonvisor light then they went out?

I have that same problem with a 2001 tacoma no power rear tail lights brake light works and nothing for dash lights i need answers i am stumped Any real answers to this please???

How do I locate the brake light fuse for a 2003 dodge ram?

locate the fuse box under dash and look for brake lights replace with the right amp fuse. the fuse you pull out will have a number on it that is the apms fuse you will need to replace

How do you replace dashboard bulbs in corolla 2005?

First off are your dash lights out if so its more likely to be a fuse that you need to replace check your owners manual the dash lights in a corolla are LED lights so its not likely they have burned out. if your looking to change the color of the bulb go to an audio installer for directions on removing your dash panels to get at the bulbs to replace them there's one in your center section and i don't know about the instrument cluster

1994 subaru impreza brake lights and horn have stopped working and need a WOF asap If it is a fuse which one?

It's in the fuse box under the dash. Look at the cover of the fuse box and it should tell you which fuse is brake lights and horn. On my Legacy it is the middle row, third one in, fuse 12 I think.

How do you change lights in the dash of a 2005 dodge neon?

You probably don't need to change the dash lights. On the headlight panel there is a control to dim or brighten the dash lights. This same control allows you to turn them completely off. I don't remeber on that particular car if the light switch rotates or has a separate switch but all cars have this feature.

Where is the relay located that controls the tail lights and interior lights on a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage?

The relay that controls the taillights and interior lights on a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage is in the driver's side fuse box. It is to the left of the steering wheel in the dash. One thing to note about this vehicle is if a brake light burns out, the car might also lose the dash lights or interior lights. Check the brake lights before replacing a fuse that might not need replacing.

2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer dash board lights?

Need to know what about the dash board lights.

What is wrong when only the head lights work on a 1993 Nissan truck?

It can be: * The headlight switch (there are multiple parts to the switch, for headlights, tail lights, dash lights) * A fuse (but if a fuse has blown out you need to figure out why, typically that's caused by a short) * A bad wire or connector.