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The VSS is for 1997 and older Rangers. 1998 and newer Rangers are not equipped with a VSS type system. The vehicle speed information comes from the antilock brake system rear wheel speed sensor according to the Haynes repair manual.

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Q: Which fuse is for the VSS on your 2000 Ford Ranger?
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Where is the vss on a 99 Ford Explorer?

I have a 99 ranger 4x4 you might be surprised that you dont have a vss ! Instead look on your rear axel . its your abs sensor, or also called, rear speed sensor!

What cause a speedometer to not work in a 2000 ford escort?

The VSS vehicle speed sensor on top of the transmission is faulty.

Where is the vss on a 2001 Ford Escape located?

The VSS in a 2001 Ford Escape is located on the left rear side of the transmission. There is only about an inch of it that can be seen.

How do you replace speedometer cable on 2001 Ford Ranger?

I don't believe it has one , the Ford Explorers 1996 and newer models don't have a conventional speedometer cable , they have an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor ( VSS )

Where is the vss on a 2002 Explorer XLT?

ford vss wire locationif the harness is similar to 02 ranger look behnd radio to the left there is a module the grey/black is the vss also if your vehicles radio volume automaticaly increases with the speed of your vehicle then the wire will also be located in your radio harness hope this helps>>>>> Jim t

Where is the vss on a 1992 Ford Taurus 3.8l?

The vss is on top of the trans-axle, behind the engine on the passenger side.

Where is the vss on a 95 ford e350?

Screwed into the rear of the transmission housing.

How do you repair the speedometer on a 1999 Ford Escort?

Replace the VSS and wires.

Where is the vss sensor located on a 1993 ford f150?

on the top of the differential

Where is the vss on1999 Ford Ranger 2.5 engine?

It is located in the center of the differential (Rear end) of the truck. Just follow the wires down and you'll see it. One 10mm(I belive) bolt holds it in.

Where is the vss on a 2000 Mercury villager?

It's on the top back corner of the transmission.

What is the location of the vss speed sensor wire in a 2000 Chevy venture?


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