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gametophyte as well as sporophyte generation

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Which generation undergoes mitosis in a sporic life cycle?

The haploid and diploid generation undergoes mitosis in a sporic life cycle.

Compare and contrast the life cycle of a fern with the life cycle of a conifer?

The life cycle of a fern includes both a gametophyte and sporophyte generation. A diploid zygote formed on the gametophyte develops into a sporophyte, a fern. The sporophyte releases haploid spores that germinate into gametophytes. The life cycle of a conifer consists of male and female cones produced on an adult plant, the sporophyte. The male produces pollen grains that fertilize eggs retained within the female cone. The fertilized egg develops into a seed. When released and conditions are favorable, the seed germinates into a young sporophyte.

Which generation undergoes mitosis in sporic life cycle?

The generation that undergoes mitosis in the sporic life cycle is the zygote. This is done so that it can become a diploid.

The generation of a moss is the dominant phase of its life cycle?

Every plant undergoes a life cycle that takes it through both haploid and diploid generations. The generation of a moss that is the dominant phase of its life cycle is haploid.

What does atternation of generation mean?

Alternation of generation describes the life cycle of plants.

What is a diplontic life cycle?

in this diplontic life cycle the diploid sporophyte is the dominant photosynthetic independent phase of plant body.the haploid phase is represented by gametes only.this kind of life cycle is termed as diplontic life cycle.

What are the two stages of the plant life cycle?

The two stages are called the sporophyte generation and the gametophyte generation.

What generation is dominant in the fern life cycle?

The Sporophyte life cycle is the dominant stage in Ferns (vascular non-seed plants)

Which type of eukaryotic life cycle does a diagram represent?

A asexual B Haploid C diploid D alternation of generation

What generation undergoes mitosis in a sporic life cycle?

both the haploid and diploid generations

What is the meaning of cycle in family life?

the phrase 'Cycle' can also be referred to as the life cycle for example in families there are generally 3 generations. the grandparents, parents and children this cycle continues over and over again as one generation dies the other moves up this is known as either the circle of life or the life cycle.

What is the offspring of plants?

The offspring of plants are seedlings that grow and then become plants, then they reproduce and the cycle goes on and on.

Where do gametes come from in the life cycle of plants?

There are two generations in plants: the sporophyte and gametophyte generation. Gametes are formed during the gametophyte generation of the plant.

What is the difference between the life cycle of ferns and the life cycle of humans?

Ferns go though a sporophyte stage of life where they are a haploid organism, whereas humans remain in the gametophyte generation, being a diploid organism for their entire life.

What is heteromorphic alternation of generation?

hetero=different;so heteromorphic alternation of generation is the life cycle consists of haplophase and diplophase where they are dissimilar in size and maturization time.

Why must the life cycle of sexually reproducing species alternate between haploid and diploid stages?

Meiosis must occur at some point in the life cycle to prevent a doubling of chromosomes in each generation.

Name and describe the three main stages in a plants life cycle?

Alteration of generations Sporophyte is 2n generation Meiosis produces spores Gametophyte is n generation

What do alternation of generation mean in life cycle of algae?

the changes of the haploid cells to diploid cells and vice versa.

What is a sporophyte?

The diploid generation in the life cycle of a plant, and that produces haploid spores by meiosis. A diploid form of a plant

What are the two stages of plant life?

Plants have what is called an alternation of generations in their life cycle. The two stages are called the sporophyte generation and the gametophyte generation. The sporophyte generation is diploid (has pairs of chromosomes). It produces spores by meiosis (reduction division), so the spores are haploid (contain only one chromosome from each pair). The spores divide by mitosis to produce a multicellular, haploid gametophyte generation. The gametophyte produces gametes (by mitosis) which fuse during fertilization to form a diploid zygote. This then develops into the sporophyte, completing the life cycle. The plants which we call mosses and ferns are the gametophyte generations. However conifers and flowering plants are the sporophyte generation of their life cycle. This is much easier to understand if you see a diagram.

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