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Which is a better processor an AMD 64 x2 or an Intel Core 2 Duo processor?

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The Intel Core 2 Duo is a much faster Processor than an AMD Athlon x2 64. I have 2 Computers and the one that has the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor is much faster. I logged on to the other one and it takes time to warm up after you log on, so I did a test to see which one is faster. I started the Intel Core 2 Duo Computer after I logged on to the other one and I could start it up and use it in 1/2 of the time it took for the AMD Processor Computer to warm up after I had logged on. There is proof that the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor is The Superior Processor vs. an AMD Athlon x2 64 Processor.

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What processor is better Intel dual core or amd dual core?

AMD dual core...

What is better the Intel core 2 quad processor to the AMD quad-core processor?

All tests show that Intel is better, but amd is usually cheaper.

In what way does AMD Turion 64 processor better than any Intel duo core processor?

AMD is cheaper than Intel ...

Which is best Intel Core i7 Processor or AMD FX 8120 8 core processor?

The Intel Core i7 processor is known to be a better choice when compared to an AMD FX 8120 8 core processor. This is because the processor is faster and more efficient.

Which is the better processor amd athlon x2 dual-core processor or Intel Pentium dual-core processor?

AMD anthlon x2 dual core. AMD has more quality. Much faster and hold more space/memory. INTEL are OK, but bad. anything AMD is ALOT better!

What is a better processor AMD or Intel?


Is an Intel core prossessor better than a quad core prossessor?

The question you're asking, unfortunately, is not worded correctly. An Intel processor is a family of processor, where a quad-core processor is a type of processor. The Intel family includes many types of quad-core processors. However, to try and disambiguate what you're asking, an Intel core processor will be good, no matter what type it is. An Intel quad-core processor - for example, the Intel i7 - will perform fantastically well. The other main type of processor manufacturer - AMD - also have quad-core processors. However, a lot of it is down to opinion and machine build as to whether Intel is better than AMD, but personally, I believe Intel will out-perform and out-last an AMD processor.

What is the AMD equivalent of an Intel Dual Core processor?

An AMD Phenomâ„¢ II Processor

Which is the latest AMD and Intel processors available in market?

The latest processor made by AMD is the AMD A10-7850K. It is used in desktops and laptops. The latest processor from Intel is the Intel Core M processor.

Which processor is better amd athlon 64 x2 or Intel Pentium dual-core processor T2330?

Intel centrino-dio is better for the current market.

Is amd dual core processor better than Intel dual core processor?

It all comes down to personal opinion. I honestly prefer AMD because of their factory clock speeds.

What is the fastest proccesor under 200?

For AMD - AMD Phenom II X4 920 For Intel - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 Intel processor is rated slightly faster overall than the AMD processor but the cost of other things (i.e. motherboards) may make the AMD processor the better deal.

What is the AMD equivalent of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor?

AM2+ AMD Athlon 64 dual core.

What is faster the amd a8 quad core processor or the Intel core i5-2520m processor?

For gaming AMD a8 quad core but for everyday use in office,school and businesses go with the intel core i5 ^___^

Which processor is better Intel celeron m 1.73ghz or amd athlon 64x2 or Intel Pentium dual core 1.46 ghz?

The dual core 1.46 ghz

Which is better Intel or AMD and why?

Well, Intel is the better brand, but AMD is a fairly good. If your looking for a gaming laptop and have some money to spend, Look into the Intel Core i3,i5, and i7, these are the fastest Intel processors. On the other hand, the AMD Phenom 2 quad Black edition is the fastest AMD processor and is around as fast as an Intel Core 2 Duo. Hope this helps.

Did amd sempron is better or Intel dual core?

Intel Dual Core is much better! :)

Which is better Intel core i7 or amd fx 8170?

Well i would go with Intel because to me it's a little bit more powerful and (in a opinion) it's more reliable but if you get a computer with the AMD processor you were talking about you will get the highly recommended AMD Radeon graphics chip which is better than the one that comes with a Intel processor because if you are using it for gaming then i would go with an AMD processor!

Which AMD processor is equivalent to Intel Core 2 Quad?

AMD Athlon II x4

Which Intel processor is comparable to amd E450?

HiI think that we can compare Intel Core i3-2357M with AMD E-450

Which is the better processor for music editing AMD Athlon 64 x2 1.9 or Intel Core Duo 1.83?

AMD Athlon for sure. โ™ฅ

Name 3 processor from Intel and amd?

Intel: - Core i7 - Core i5 - Core 2 Duo AMD: - Athlon II x4 - Phenom II x4 - Opteron

What is the best processor offered by AMD?

Amd fx-8350... But the best is Intel Core i5-3570K yyyeeeaaaahhhh, AMD laptop processors are dip S**t, but Intel's are much better with laptops, and core management. but, if you are looking for a more budget processor, then the AMD processor previously listed would be great to.

Which is the best multi core processor?

Intel core i7/AMD bulldozer black edition

What is the Intel equivalent of AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor?

intel dual core e6600