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Sweet potato. My friend is diabetic and she knows all about these sorts of things.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-07 19:58:04
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Q: Which is better for a diabetic sweet potato or regular potato?
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Which is better for a diabetic a baked potato or sweet potato?

A baked potato and a sweet potato, if cooked and served with the same additions (or lack of them) will be about the same in terms of their impact on a person with diabetes.

Is sweet potato better than reg baked potato?

Sweet Potatoes have more nutrients than regular white potatoes so yes a sweet potato is better for you than a regular potato. If you are eating regular potatoes be sure to eat the skin, thats where most of the nutrition is.

Which has more calories a sweet potato or a regular potato?

A sweet potato usually has more calories than a regular potato will.

Is a sweet potato healthy?

Yes & Acutally its healthier that a regular potato! It also tastes a little better too!

Can conduct electricity better sweet potato or brown potato?

It can better sweet a sweet potato because it already has a lot of energy used inside it

How do you boil a sweet potato?

same as boiling a regular potato, its ready in less time.

What takes longer to cook a sweet potato or regular potato?

I'm pretty sure a potato takes longer.

What is the opposite of a sour potato?

A sweet potato

Is the 7S Superfish2 or the Firewire Baked Potato better?

Sweet Potato.. no question.

Are sweet potato better or yams are better?

That depends on your personal taste.

How do you differentiate a potato from a sweet potato?

Well if you cut it in half a sweet potato would be orange while a regular potato would be white! ^_^Sweet potatoes are grown in certain countries but not where you would usually grow regular white based potatoes. It is complicated. You can grow yams in many places regular gardens grow regular potatoes, but the sweet potato is a more complicated vegetable. Check with your local extension service ONLINE to see about growth of it in your state.People mix up or cross over which is yam and which is sweet potato. My choice is to eat which ever I have raw. Not cooked! Much more delicious!

Which is beeter a regular potato or a sweet potato?

That depends on who is eating it, if you like sweeter foods, or more bland foods. Personally I like sweet potatoes more ☻

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