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The 2007 S class is a performance car and as such it needs to have the engine accelerated to high rpm occasionally. I would suggest observing the speed limit but accelerate quickly every so often

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Which is rated better diesel or petrol engine?

Each engine is rated better for different things. A petrol engine generally has a higher horsepower than a diesel engine, so acceleration and speed is often better on a petrol engine. Diesel engines tend to rate better with torque, so they are better at pulling heavy loads, which is why diesel engines are used in trucks and locomotives.

Does a Supercharged engine get better gas mileage?

Generally speaking No. And of course it depends on what the other engine size that you are comparing it with. But generally speaking Supercharged engines arent made for fuel efficiency

What does 1.6L engine mean?

It is the volume of fuel the cylinder (and piston) of an engine can take! Generally, higher is more horsepower and lower is better fuel economy

Can I get money for my old car engine after I get a replacement motor?

Yes, generally scrap metal junk yards will pay you cash by the pound for the old engine. It generally doesn't add up to much, depending on the makeup on the engine, but it's better than just throwing it out.

What is the proper oil for a 13 horsepower Honda engine?

The recommended engine oil for the 13 horsepower Honda engine is Honda Genuine oil with the Starburst designation. The weight of oil varies with your location and the ambient temperatures but is generally 10w50 in warmer climates.

Egr valve location on 1.8 vw engine?

please Where is the location egr valve in vw 1.8 engine?

Where can you find a picture of the engine temp sensor location on a 1998 ford contour zetec engine?

Where can i find a picture of the engine temp sensor location on a 1998 ford escort zetec engine?

Where is the transmission location?

On the rear of the engine.

Where is the Engine number location on 1.6L suzuki vitara?

where is engine number

Where does it say the size of the engine on the engine?

Generally on top on the valve cover or engine cover.

Where do you find or location of the engine number of Isuzu 4HF1?

On the engine block

Where is a starter location for a 02 Pontiac Sunfire?

Generally, the starter sits right at the front bottom of the engine. On my '96, I could just see it from the engine bay. If you follow the positive (red) battery cable from the battery, it will go directly to the battery.

Engine oil pressure switch location?

can anybody say where the engine oil pressure switch in a car and can there be any engine oil leak through the engine oil pressure switch? The location varies by engine and yes, they can leak oil.

What is better a four or two stroke engine?

in my opinion a two stroke engine is a better quality engine as compared to a four stroke engine!

Why is there engine oil in the antifreeze?

if there is engine oil in the antifreeze generally indicates a cracked head on the engine

Where is the location of engine number in evo 2 engine?

8th digit in VIN

What is an engine kit?

makes your engine better

Which search engine is better?

Google Is better.

Is the 350 Chevy engine better than the 305 engine?

YES a Whole lot better.

Starter location on 1994 Altima's Engine?

Where is the starter located on a 1994 altima engine

5.4 engine bank 1 location?

Bank 1 is the drivers side of the engine.

Is there a Picture on engine number location?

Need to know the year, make and size engine.

Can you tell me the Location of temp sender on f150 six cylinder engine?

can you tell me the location of the coolant temperuture on a 1996 f150 4.9 six cylinder engine

Where is the location of the idle screw on the Briggs and Stratton 6.0 engine mulcher mower?

Where is the location of the idle screw on the Briggs and Stratton 6.0 engine mulcher mower?

92 Toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location?

89 toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location

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