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Which is faster an 96 impala ss or 94 mustang gt?


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The 96 ss has way more torque, so coming of the line is a beast...the pony has a way lighter body so after the 1st shift it depends on the 260hp/330tq...pony 220hp/305tq

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is a 96 impala faster than a 93 corvette

No, the 94-96 Impala did NOT come from the factory with a sunroof option. However, there are many Impala's out there that had sunroofs installed by the dealership that they came from when they were new. So, it is possible to find a 94-96 Impala SS with a sunroof.

96 ss but it has to depend on what's under the hood and who i's driving it a ss i's faster

Lug pattern for 94-96 SS impala is 5x5.

94-96 impala's dont have a stock airbag suspencion!!

No, supercharged impalas were aftermarket upgrades only..the stock 94-96 impala came with a lt1 corvette powered had 260hp/ 334lbs of torque. one of chevys greatest creations

96-98 3.8L mustang engines are the same.

Around 94-96Around 94-96

There are no points on a 96.

I believe all 96 Caprice came with a lt1 engine. So if it the lt1, the stock hp would be 260. Same exact engine that is in the Impala SS for 94 95 96.

absolutely.... i drive a Chevy impala '94. and i have it on 265 35 r 22 and have no problems with it!

Out of the box I would say the 98 given the right driver could win that battle. However the 94 with a pushrod V8 will tend to have much more torque down low whereas the 98 breathed a bit more up top. I prefer the 94 as the engine is larger and cheaper to upgrade.AnswerI'm not sure which one breaks down faster, the 94 had problems with the heads, and the 98 has the cracked rod problem... you asked for safelyThe 94/95 were in no way faster than the later Mustangs. Yeah, yeah they had better torque throughout lower rpm's, but the 281 was a brand new motor in 96. The 302 came out in what year 196?'s. The 94/95 will have it off the line, but as soon as you reach for the first shift the 96+ will be gaining it back. No high speed race would ever even compare. The rev happy OHC motors will take the race anytime.idk ive driven both and the 94 95 are faster andi belive 96-98 are the slowest v8 for mustangs that's why they changed it in 99

A 2WD 4L60E from 96 will work for a 94 application, yes.

It is about 96 cm. 64 inches

well some 65 fastbacks came with a straight 6, some came with a 289, and some where shelby's , you didnt say which one ? i never seen a 96 chevelle ss 396, so i ll go with the mustang by default

87-93 v8 Mustangs have 225 horsepower. 94-95 V8 Mustangs have 230 hp. 96-98 V8 mustangs have 215 hp. 99-04 mustang gts have 260 hp. 05-09 mustang gts have 300 hp the 07 mustang gt bullitt has 315 hp.

the 1994 Impala SS was the first year of the new body style. It was based off the new LT1 Caprice 9c1 police package. It was basically a cop car with luxury options. In 94 the rear (3rd) side window had a small plate covering the lower rear corner which was painted to match the car and held the Impala emblem. in 95 and 96 the cover was replaced by incorpoating the design into part of the body. The side view mirrors were mounted on the doors in 94 and moved to the lower front corner of the front window in 95 and 96. The 94 and 95's had digital speedometer and in 96 they were changed to a standard full gauge cluster with tachometer. The 94 and 95 also had a column shifter and in 96 was changed to a floor shifter. in addition another impala emblem was added to the center console in 96 near the gear shift. The 96 also had a slightly different computer which allowed for less costomizability. The grill of the 96 also featured a red "Bowtie" as opposed to the silver one on the 94 and 95. There are a few other small difference, but that's all i can think of off the top of my head. In a side note, many people clone the impalas from caprices, its usually easy to tell from the things i mentioned above, but always check the VIN because with enough time and money you can make a pretty convincing fake SS. 96 was the highest production year but are the most saught after. 94 was the lowest making them slightly more valuable. hope this helps

the 96 has a neutral safety switch on the side of the shift linkage, the 94 does not i know u cant put a 94 in a 96 but talk 2 a guy in forum

I'm not an expert but I think It should, but one thing you need to look out for is the engines in the 1996's have a couple more O2 sensors, though if you got all of those taken care of it should be fine.

A stock 96 Chevy Impala SS has 260 base horsepower. This super sport package is designed for performance oriented drivers.

no. In 96 GM switched to a OBD2 ecm setup whereas 95 and earlier it had a chip style OBD1 computer

No, even when they have a similar engine (same one, different version), the 2001's performance is better than his older brother for it is lighter. I don't know the 2001's top speed, but it is faster than the '96 which is 225 km\h.

no it will not contact Ford and see if you can by one

The 94 intake hits the firewall so as is the engine will not fit. However the intake from 97-98 Mark VIIIs are different and will fit in a mustang engine bay. All you have to do is swap a 97 or 98 Mark VIII intake onto your 94 long block and it will fit. Now there is one other problem and that is that the Mark VIII engine is a modular engine so you will need a front k-member from a 96-04 mustang so that the motor mounts on the k-member line up with the ones on the engine. Any k-member from a 96-04 mustang will work even if it is from a v6 mustang.

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