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You must match the verb to the subject, not to the word closest to it. The subject is "the best part" so the verb would be "is." "The best part is."

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Q: Which is grammatically correct - The best part about birthdays is the friends or the best part about birthdays are the friends?
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Is grammatically correct to say he is one of the best?

Yes it is.

Will it is be grammatically correct to say that there is nothing wrong with this machine?

It is grammatically correct to say: There is nothing wrong with this machine.It is not grammatically correct to say: Will it is be grammatically correct to say ....The correct way to write that or say that would be: Would it be grammatically correct to say....

Is the sentence grammatically right -The Best Pictures will find its place in the museum?

That sentence is grammatically correct only if you are talking about a single item called "The Best Pictures." Otherwise, the correct form is "The best pictures will find their places in the museum."

Is you have been always the best is in write grammar?

"You have always been the best" would be more grammatically correct.

Is with best compliments correct?

The wording is grammatically correct.However, I prefer "with best and sincere regards" or "with warm regards" .

Which is grammatically correct 'I was looking forward to meet you' or 'I was looking forward to meeting you'?

meeting is best.

Is it correct today say Koreans are one of the best drivers in the world?

No, since Koreans is plural, but one is singular. Try "Koreans are the best drivers...." or "Koreans are among the best drivers...." or "Koreans are some of the best drivers..." If you said "A Korean is one of the best drivers.....", that would also be grammatically correct.

What is the best sentence for plantation?

There is no 'best' sentence for a given word. It simply need to be accurate and grammatically correct with no spelling errors.

Is have well and a grammatically correct phrase?

"have well and" can be a grammatically correct phrase only if the word "and" is followed by another adverb, with "well and truly" probably being the most common. In fact this phrase is so common that it is best avoided as a cliche.

Is I had the best time ever at the baseball game tonight with Joe grammatically correct?

Yes, that's a perfectly good sentence.

Is the phrase more better grammatically correct?

No, more better is not correct. Better is the comparative for the adjective good; best is the superlative and should be used instead of 'more better'.

Which is grammatically correct 'I have no pen' or 'I do not have pen' and why are they so?

Technically, 'I have no pen' is correct. Instead of using 'I have no pen' or 'I do not have pen', just use 'I do not have a pen' because it is the best way to phrase what you want to say.

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