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I would say neither white chocolate or Milk Chocolate are healthy.

Some scientists say these days that Dark Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) is good for you and might prevent heart attacks. (different answerer) I agree, neither are healthy and dark chocolate is one of the healthiest chocolates, but out of the two, I'd say milk chocolate. Did you know that white chocolate technically isn't even chocolate?

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What is healther Margarine or Butter?

i believe that margarine us healther then butter because butter is made from the fat of milk!

Do plants grow faster with water or milk?

i thick it grows better and healther with water

Is skim milk or fat free milk better for you to drink?

yes it contains less fat so makes more healther but you want a little fat is also good for you

Is pork healther than turkey?

Yes pork is healther than turkey

What color is a dogs milk?

is the person that asked this question stupid or something every type of milk is white or whitish yellow. Cows milk is white. Goats milk is white. OUR MILK IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

Will chocolate milk rot faster then white milk?

Chocolate milk will rot faster then white milk

Is chocolate milk better than white milk?

I think chocolate milk is better then white milk.

Which milk curdles faster white or chocolate milk?

Listen, people. White milk and Chocolate milk are both milk so get over it

Whats the best milk in the world?

It would be white milk because white milk is better the any other milk!

Are vitamins food?

no they help you to be healther

Why do brown cows make white milk?

Because milk is white...

Why is milk chocolate not white?

because it is milk chocolate not white chocolate!!

Does chocolate milk spoil faster than white milk?

yes it does spoil faster than white milk because white milk is regular and chocolate milk has this kind of thing that makes it spoil fast

What is two products manufactured in Belgium?

Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. and cheese.

Why do black cows make white milk?

Because milk is white. the colour of the cow is irrelevent to the colour of the milk

Which is better white or chocolate milk?

White milk is better because chocolate milk has a little more surgar.

Is white milk better for you than choclate milk?

yes there is choclate in choclate milk so you take white milk and white milk then you just but choclate syrup in one and the one without choclate syrup is better for you.

What color is it milk?

milk is in white colour.

Why milk of bafflo is white?

The color of buffalo milk is white due to the presence of carotene. This gives the milk its creamish/yellow color.

What does milk look like?

Milk is a white liquid

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