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In practice, its easier to pull things

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Q: Which is more easy between pull or push a body?
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Which do you think will hold more a diaper or pull-up?

A diaper, easy.

What is the relationship between gravitational pull and the mass of objects?

if you herd of it it is more mass more pull!

What the difference between pull ups and chin ups?

Chin ups are used to pull the body up with an underhand grip. Pull ups are used to pull the body up with an overhand grip (palms faced away).

What exercises can you use with your arm?

Easy, any upper body exercises help your arms, such as press ups, dips, pull ups, weights, etc. these examples are easy at-home exercises that will boost your strength in the upper body

Can a horse pull more than 10x its body weight?

No a horse can usually pull 2 to 3 times it's own body weight when strapped into a pulling harness.

Why is the pull on liquids more noticeable then the pull on solids?

The molecules in solids are more solidly held in place; so they are not as easy to move. The molecules in liquids are not fixed, but are free to move around; so they can be pulled more easily.

What is the difference between pull and tug?

An easy way to tell the difference between a pull and a tug is to think of the differences between:a child who tugs on his mother's pant leg -- and pulling a wheelbarrow backwards while holding the handleswhen you tug on a shirt to pull it lower on your body -- and pulling on a loose string still attached to your shirta "tug" on your heart when you feel tender toward someone -- and a "pull" on your heart when you feel almost driven to be loving and near someone you love

How you can measure the pull between your body and the earth?

A bathroom scale performs that function very well.

Why is fibrous root easiest to pull out?

fibrous root is easy to pull

What is the weight of a pole vault pole?

Generally between 6-10 pounds when it's upright. However, when lowering the pole it can pull on the body with more then 20 pounds of force.

What is the difference between adductor and abductor muscles?

ABductor muscles pull a limb away from the midline of the body. For instance, abductor muscles pull your leg up and to the side, farther away from the middle of your body.ADductor muscles pull towards the midline of the body. For instance, adductor muscles pull your leg back down closer to the middle of your body.

How much can one draft horse pull?

Typically, draft horses can pull about 6 times their own body weight. A draft can pull a lot more than an Arab.

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