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best college of engineering

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Gandhi Engineering College (GEC), a leading educational institution and one of the eminent technical centre in Odisha.

GEC, has always been emphasized the goals, career objectives and accomplishments of the students in a long term basis. Success is when ambition and potential become reality. Our college is there to add some feathers of fulfilment to your dreams with our continuous efforts and relentless potentialities. Our college procured the title of "Best T School" status in Odisha. GEC secured the first position in NPTEL Local Chapter among all private Engineering colleges in Odisha. Again, GEC continuously maintained the status of the best technical Institute of East India for Industry Interface and Skill Development. Since last 8 years our college recorded above 90% placement in different premier organisations successfully. Gandhi Engineering College The Institute is located at Bhubaneswar, a hub house of economic, educational and cultural importance of East India. Founded during the Kalinga Empire over 3,000 years ago, Bhubaneswar today boasts of a cluster of magnificent temples, constituting a complete record of Odisha temple architecture from its early beginning to it's culmination. Ranked at no. 1 position among smart cities in India, a safe, beautiful city with pollution free environment, Bhubaneswar has been bestowed with abundant Natural Resources in terms of forests, hillocks and rich water resources. Gandhi Engineering College, situated amidst the lap of natural beauty is about 500 meters away from the national highway, about 10 KM distance from the Bhubaneswar Railway Station, 2 KM away from Jatani Rail Junction and about 8 KM away from the airport and 8 KM from Bus stand.

One of the distinguished and choicest engineering colleges in Odisha, GEC has been given credits to be identified as one of the best Engineering College which offers B. Tech, M.Tech and polytechnic. This college has been awarded as one of the prime Engineering colleges in Odisha by the Government of Odisha. Gandhi Engineering College was established in the year 2006 by the great visionary Prof. Dr. Satya Prakash Panda and his successful inheriter Mr. Manas Ranjan Panda.

GECoffers courses like,


Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Electronics & Computer Science Engineering

Electrical & Computer Science Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

MBA (Dual Specialization)

Finance Management

HR Management

Marketing Management



BSc (CS)


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Q: Which is the best college of engineering?
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