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Which is the best movie?


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February 04, 2011 11:10PM

It's very hard to say as it is a matter of taste. In this kind of site you definitely shouldn't listen to anything answer which pretend to tell you that one movie is better than another (the last answer said that TWILIGHT is one of the best films of all times…). What you CAN do is check the rank of of best movies of all times (I put a link in the bottom of the answer) or look at the winners of past Oscars of best picture.

Both ways are sometimes problematic; I personally have a lot of severe disagreements with the imdb list, as the fact that Gladiator is behind Avatar, and the Oscar is also sometimes disappointing like in 1998 when Saving Private Ryan and Life is Beautiful somehow lost to Shakespeare's in Love…

But nevertheless, those 2 ways are still some of the best ways to evaluate a movie before you see it and they helped me a lot.

See the Related Link below for the imdb top 250 list.