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most legendaries such as girintina, heatran, dialga, or arceus. my party is:

dialga, palkia, heatran, girintina, and lugia. but i think the best Pokemon is a

lvl. 100 ditto.

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Actually,Pokemon Platinum,Diamond,and Pearl are the bestest game ever on a DS.(EMO)

Platinum. This is the newest and the best Generation IV game.

route 205 for Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum. the trainers have Pokemon from level 10 to level 17

Its hard to get shiny Pokemon but the best way to get shiny Pokemon without cheats is to use a poke radar in Pokemon diamond and pearl or platinum.

Well, it depends on what you like. Many players prefer the game 'Pokemon Diamond', 'Pokemon Pearl', or 'Pokemon Platinum'.

mainly its your rival inpokemon platinum but Cynthia on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Diamond is not a Pokemon but i think Arceus is one of the strongest Pokemon ever.

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

Going by stats, the overall best pokemon is Arceus.

the best Pokemon for the Pokemon league is definetly latios

Pokemon platinum and Pokemon emerald

on fire red and leaf green its charizard on diamond pearl and platinum its empoleon

In my opinion , you really should get Pokemon pearl , diamond or platinum , because are the best Pokemon games on nds near Pokemon heart gold and soul silver , but if you can decide , you should take Pokemon platinum because it has the sinnoh pokemons which are the best if you ask me and has a lot advantages in compharasion with Pokemon diamond/pearl , but you can also take Pokemon heart gold/soul silver due to its story , the ocasion in that you can have 2 starters , one from kanto , one from johto , and also the 2 Pokemon leagues and the oportunity of searching 2 lands in one game .

the best Pokemon on diamond would be arceus but you can only get that from action replay, other than that i think the best Pokemon would be giritina..

well to opinion the best beginner in Pokemon platinum is chimchar

u cant use to Pokemon games on 1 battle revolution save its 1 or the other its best to see wich 1 has the best Pokemon because u will win more

Most definitely not! Pokemon Platinum is by far the best. Let the best trainer win!

Pokemon platinum yeah it is awesome baby

what pokemon is on the boxart.If u have him,ur lucky(its girintina)

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