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Which is the oldest Medical College in Andhra Pradesh?

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As far as I know Andhra Medical College is the oldest medical College in Andhra pradesh, started in 1923.

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List of top private medical colleges in Bangladesh?

Top 5 Private Medical Colleges in BangladeshBangladesh Medical College, Dhaka (Oldest College)Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College, Dhaka (Oldest College)Green Life Medical College, Dhaka (Best Infrastructure)University of Science and Technology, Chittagong (USTC)(Lowest Package)Z. H. Sikder Women's Medical College, Dhaka (Best Girls Medical College)

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What is the best university in Andhra Pradesh for

The best university in Andhra Pradesh for Bachelors degree in Technology or Commerce is Andhra University.It is the one of the oldest and well structured with great faculty. Its faculty includes professors like Prof. P.Seetharamiah, Prof. P.S. Avadhani and many more.The university teaching methodology itself is quite against the spoon feeding unlike most of the private colleges.Students are always encouraged to read from different books so that they can develop reasoning and rational thinking.It has a great Engineering Library and a central library, where one can get any book they want.Marks are not easy in Andhra University, but for one who thinks with his mind its not even difficult. Its not like a private college where a they have 3 grade just pass B.Tech students to teach present batches.Most of the times professors ask students to come up with ideas, and if they need help in any educational matter they will help you in any way you need. The educational matter need not be only their course related, it may be anything.To say in a single line, its the best university available in Andhra Pradesh for not only Bachelors programmes but also Mastres programmes.Till date students with good ranks always try for a seat in Andhra University.

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