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Cut out unnecessary energy waste by improving energy efficiency.

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Carbohydrates are the body's primary and immediate source of energy.

ATP is an immediate source of energy for animals and all living things.

Carbohydrates usually provide immediate energy to the body.

Cells use ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as their immediate energy source.

Simple sugars are used for immediate energy conversion in most living things.

The immediate source of most energy moving ocean currents is wind. The ultimate source of this energy is the sun.

Glucose is the body's immediate energy source. Because the brains preferred source of energy is glucose, it needs a constant supply!!

The Immediate Energy System provides energy rapidly but for only a short period of time. It is used to fuel activities that last for about 10 or fewer seconds.

which is the best option for meeting future energy needs

energy expendature > energy intake. there is no super secret way to lose weight and this is pretty much the only option.

Tidal and wave energy is best suited for generating electricity, which will then power just about every device on earth. Flour mills powered by paddle wheels in rivers were the only other immediate use of water energy in the past.

Creatine Phosphate energy system (0-20s) Immediate energy

Immediate source would be the energy stored in the proton gradient and potential difference between the mitochondrial matrix space and intermembrane space.

There are two types of energy, immediate and energy that's stored for later. So, an orange would be more immediate while pasta would be stored for later. They have similar energy proportions but pasta would be higher.

immediate, oxidative, and nonoxidative

Its the immediate energy source for respiration.

BECKETT is your best option. BECKETT is your best option.

Secession was no longer regarded as an option to be exercised by States.

PR methods include the deliberate and unassisted ways of executing the military PR option.

Which is the best option for meeting future energy needs: nuclear power or solar power?

France has a limited supply of coal and no oil or natural gas therrfor nuclear is their best option

no it is only a substance that you eat to have in immediate energy.

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