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Which map projection does Cuba use?

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The map projection that Cuba uses is equirectangular projection. It shows the equidistant or constant spacing map representation of the country.

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How do you use map projection in a sentence?

map projection is the beast

How does a cartographer determine which map projection to use?

The cartographer chooses the projection to use considering the requirements a customer has for use of the map.

Which map projection would an aviator use?

You would use a Lambert Projection.

Which map projection would a sailor most likeky use?

The map projection that would be most likely used by a sailor is the Mercator projection.

What is a Winkle Tribal map projection?

A Winkle Tribal map projection is a modified azimuthal map projection. This is one of three projection.

Who would use a polar map projection?

A polar explorer would use a polar map.

What is a mercator projection map?

The Mercator projection was developed by Gerardus Mercator (Flemish) in 1569. The map is a cylindrical projection that standardized nautical map projection.

Compare a mercator projection map to a Robinson projection map?

they are type of map

What map projection do nearly all seagoing navigators still use today?

The answer is the Mercator projection

What is the polar projection map?

A Polar Projection is a projection that shows the north and south poles, on a map.

What is the difference between a map and a map projection?

a map projection is a map that has lots of different angles.

What is the sentence of map projection?

the map projection was high intolleranse to my speech

The projection note for any map sheet identifies the projection system used on the map sheet?

True. The projection note for any map sheet identifies the projection system used on the map sheet.

What kind of map projection do sailors use?

Sailors use Mercator Projections

What is the definition of the Robinson Projection?

Robinson projection is a map projection of a world map, which shows the entire world at once.

What is a importance of map projection?

A projection is a way of keeping the distortion of a flat map

What is another name for an oval shape projection map?

A Robinson projection map.

What is a mercator projection and what is its purpose?

Mercator's projection is a map used mostly in the Americas. The purpose of the map projection was to help sailors trade. It was a sailor's map

Why is te mercator projection map still in use today?

The Mercator projection map still is in use today because, although the sizes and distance were distorted, it still showed directions accurately.

What kind of map projection would you use to show the size of various land masses?

Equal-Area projection

What are the positives and negatives of a polar projection map and the Peters projection Map?

in a polar projection you can the northern hemisphere, a mercador projection where you can see stretched out land.

What is the difference between equivalent map projection and conformal map projection?

On a conformal map projection the local shape of the maps features are preserved, the lines of longitude and latitude meet at right angles. On an equivalent map projection preserves the area of features on the map.

What are the three types of map projection?

Mercator Projection, Interrupted Projection, Robinson Projection

What type of map projection would you use when searching for a plateus?


What is the Robinson map projection?

The Robinson projection shows the entire world map at once.