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Galvanized steel. It lasts longer and is less affected by chemicals and saltwater if you choose to go that route. I do suggest saltwater. It needs for less maintance than a pure chlorine pool.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-12 12:36:05
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Q: Which material is better to use in an inground liner pool galvanized steel frame or aluminum frame?
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Need bleachers for outdoor use which is better aluminum or galvanized?

Go with the aluminum if you can afford it.

Is aluminum a metal more resistant for outside weather then galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is meant for the outside weather, and is better than aluminum itself.

Which is better against rust galvanized or aluiminum lag bolts?

Aluminum does not rust.

Which is better aluminum or galvanized steel?

Each of them is better than the other for certain purposes and worse for others.

What is better a galvanized steel or polymer inground pool?

Galvanized Steel Swimming Pools are superior to polymer swimming pools because they are stronger, have more options regarding costummizations, they have a longer life spam, etc. The only, let's say negative thing about galvanized steel swimming pools is that they are harder to install.

Is galvanized material better than zinc?

It depends on what you want to do with it. Galvanisation usually involves zinc anyway.

Why is aluminum used for garden trowel?

Aluminum is not the best material for a garden trowel, while very light, it is too soft. A better material would be steel or even better stainless steel.

Which is a better above ground pool steel resin or aluminum?

Aluminum is a better material. It will not rust like a steel resin pool. It can also be recycled when the pool is no longer usable.

Which material conserves heat best-paper cotton or aluminum foil?

I'd say the better heat convserver of the two, would be aluminum foil.

Is an inground vinyl or fiberglass salt water pool better for the Toronto area?

Inground vinyl is better, their is less exposed part to the oxigene, therefore, last longer.

Which is better for a 250 foot zip line stainless steel or galvanized cable?

Stainless steel is much better than galvanized for use as a zip-line.

Is galvanized steel or PVC better for plumbing for a bathroom sink?

Galvanized steel is better for plumbing in a bathroom sink. It lasts a lot longer than PVC.

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